What You Should be Looking For in an Artificial Intelligence-Powered Learning Platform

• 3 min read

Artificial Intelligence. It’s the new buzzword, but it’s buzzing for a reason.

When you think about how AI’s impact is already being felt in our everyday lives, you can’t help but think of the suggestion engines that power the recommendations you see each time you log into your Amazon, Spotify or Netflix account.

Artificial intelligence is the backbone of these suggestion engines, and in the context of e-learning and your LMS, it would be easy to pigeonhole a learning platform’s AI functionalities to just that: a suggestion engine.

Fortunately, AI-powered learning is so much more than that.

AI has the potential to create never-before-seen value for Learning and Development teams.

So, what should you really be looking at when it comes to AI-powered capabilities in enterprise learning? Here’s our run-down of the top things to look out for.


Admin Task Automation

What would be the point in any technology if it didn’t help us out? This is where the value of an AI engine truly shines.

In a nutshell, AI is the development of computer systems that can perform tasks normally requiring human intelligence. These are tasks such as, recognizing speech, language translation, data analysis, and decision making.

Think of all the mundane tasks you might encounter every day. Now, imagine having a learning platform that takes those tasks off your plate.

From automatically tagging learning content to translating course content into multiple languages to suggesting courses that are relevant to each user, AI works in the background to do the heavy lifting so you can concentrate on the more important stuff.


Content Curation & Aggregation

In order to make informed suggestions to learners, AI has to have the ability to assess and curate each piece of content it comes across.

AI automatically sifts through content that is not applicable to a learner’s journey, and puts only the most relevant and engaging content in front of them.

It learns which formats each learner prefers (from webinars to games), and also curates the style of course to what has seen the best results in the past.


Personalization of learning

The demand for personalized learning is stronger than ever.

Employees want to learn on their own terms and have great expectations for flexibility – they want to learn anytime, anywhere.

AI ensures personalized experiences for each of your learners by analyzing their behavior, what courses they’ve interacted with most, and their preferred format for learning.

This information is then used to understand what’s most relevant to a learner and then present courses that fit with this to produce a less linear but more effective pathway to information retention.

AI makes your learning platform responsive to individual needs by adapting intelligently to their requests, increasing their engagement.


How AI changes the L&D admin and learner experience for the better

Given the evolution in the way people learn and how much technology is sneaking into our everyday lives, we have to consider the experience of both the learner and the L&D admin.

By making AI the engine upon which the whole learning platform lies, there are new opportunities for admins to develop more immersive and personalized learning experiences, while automating menial tasks.

The more data the system processes, the more AI learns about individual learner needs, turning the learning platform into a continuous improvement engine that grows alongside your learners.

AI is not simply a feature of the learning platform, it will become the heart of your learning strategy, with data acting as the fuel that powers the AI learning machine.

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