Amnesty International is Building Global Human Rights Communities with e-Learning & Docebo

• 2 min read

Amnesty International’s e-learning platform has helped it reach more than 45,000 global users.

Amnesty International is a global human rights movement with more than seven million members around the world. It was founded in 1961 to draw attention to human rights abuses and campaign for compliance with international laws and standards. 

Educating global communities about human rights 

Amnesty has been conducting human rights education (HRE) for more than 20 years, aimed at creating a world where people know their rights and are empowered to claim them. More recently, a major part of its HRE strategy focused on implementing an e-learning platform to help build communities across the world that are empowered by their knowledge of human rights. 

To achieve this, Amnesty needed a flexible training platform, available in different languages, capable of building different learning experiences for different audiences. It turned to Docebo to implement a learning strategy and e-learning platform that could span the globe. 

Today, the Amnesty Human Rights Academy currently delivers more than 30 courses to 45,000 learners in English, Arabic, Spanish, French, Russian and German.

There are also new audiences in countries with no Amnesty presence, including Egypt, Libya, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Yemen and Colombia. So far, a total of 18,032 hours of learning have been logged and more than 2,500 forum discussions have taken place. Learn how Amnesty International is using Docebo to engage learners across the globe and build communities around human rights education.