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Learning & Development and the Arrival of AI

• 2 min read

As AI and its application evolve, it’s important to assess how it might be harnessed to positively impact the world of learning & development

For the past number of years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its application across diverse industries has been a tech news hot topic. The myriad ways that AI will add efficiency and automation to our jobs and lives has been theorized about passionately by engineers and data scientists across industries. But, like every advancement in the tech space, AI can be seen as a double edged sword – on the one side, optimization and innovation, on the other side personnel redundancy and macabre concerns about singularity.

Firmly in the alarmist camp, Elon Musk touts AI as the single biggest risk we face as a civilization. In order to preemptively neutralize the threat of AI, Musk suggests that we must be proactive instead of reactive in our administration of AI regulation. As a counterpoint to Musk’s skepticism, academics, policymakers, and humanitarians met at the AI for Good summit in Geneva in June 2017 to explore how AI can be leveraged to transform the planet for the better. While each side has its views about the ethical implications of AI’s evolving capabilities, one truth transcends; AI is coming whether we like it or not.

So, as we explore AI’s application in the L&D space, there are a number of factors to tune into. We must consider the benefits and concerns inherent to this evolving technology, the current state of the art, how AI might evolved to support the L&D space, as well as how best we can ready ourselves and our organizations to make the more of AI’s eventual introduction into our products and services. Not only this, but as L&D professionals, we must consider the impact that AI may have on our learners and how they relate to, consume, and process content.

To familiarize yourself with some of the key issues, download our Emerging Trends whitepaper, L&D and the Arrival of AI.

Download the whitepaper to learn more about how AI may impact the L&D space.