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Beyond Women’s History Month: how to champion women throughout the year

• 5 min read

Ah yes, March. A very eventful month indeed.

Not only is it accompanied by the likes of the first day of Spring, Daylight Saving, and Mardi Gras, it holds importance as Women’s History Month—a month that focuses on the contributions of women in the past and present while fostering opportunities for women in the future.

But in the age of digital perception, where organizations are more than willing to promote female employees on public platforms (but are unwilling to promote equal median pay internally), we need to focus less on lip service and more on executing year-round initiatives that truly bolster women.

When it comes down to it, it’s about more than just “caring about women.” It’s about what you’re actually doing for women and how you’re building a culture that continuously advocates for equality.

While we’re deeply fond of the many events we’ve held over the month, there are many major milestones we’ve hit throughout the year that represent our embedded support for empowering women in the space.

It starts internally with Docebo’s Women’s Alliance

Tech isn’t an industry typically known to be inclusive to women. But our employee resource group, the Docebo Women’s Alliance (DWA), aims to change that.

While Docebo prioritizes the removal of biases from our hiring process and offers equal opportunity employment, every good system requires a reliable partner to check our blind spots and offer support. That partner is the DWA.

The Docebo Women’s Alliance is an employee resource group committed to providing all women-identifying Docebians with opportunities for career growth, learning, and support—above and beyond what is currently offered.

Since its inception, DWA has achieved quite a lot! They’ve:

  • Launched company-wide surveys: To identify the needs of women through bottom-up feedback from all levels of the organization.
  • Created community spaces: So employees (even remote ones) can connect with other women within the space through our Slack channel for sharing all things women/women-identifying.
  • Hosted speaker series, fireside chats, and webinars: Focusing on topics like The Glass Ceiling, Pride Allyship, How to create an inclusive environment, and more!
  • Won awards: Most notably, the Tech Cares Award from TrustRadius, which recognizes companies that go above and beyond to promote corporate social responsibility.

Among those incredible feats, the DWA triumphed over the course of Women’s History Month, coordinating an extensive calendar throughout— from yoga and meditation to panels to new programs. See their itinerary for yourself!

With company-wide support and the engagement of all genders within its fem-lifting initiatives, the DWA encapsulates a group of sheroes that push to move the needle within tech.

It expands to partnerships and sponsorships

Throughout the year, we empower women through various sponsorships and partnerships. We sponsor training, offer mentors, speak at educational events, donate to causes that boost marginalized women, and do everything we can to provide women with more opportunities. Here are just a few of the initiatives we participate in:


#GirlsClub wants to change the face of sales teams: they want to see more women earn roles in leadership. And Docebo couldn’t agree more!

As supporters of #GirlsClub’s mission, we sponsor four protégé seats for their #GirlsClub Sales Leadership Training and Certification, an extensive six-month sales leadership training program. As a #GirlsClub recruiting partner, we are able to cross-promote our commitment to women in sales leadership, as well as be a sponsor of their annual RiseUp event.

SheTech Italy

An homage to our Italian roots, Docebo partners with SheTech Italy, an organization that aims to bridge the gender gap in digital and tech.

Throughout our partnership:

  • Docebians are featured through the #SheTechBreakfast program and get to share their knowledge and insights as women in tech.
  • We lend the expertise of our tech team to SheTech’s AI Data Science Bootcamp students.
  • We offer 30 association memberships for Docebo employees, providing them with more resources to expand their skill set and develop their careers in tech.
  • We sponsor the tuition for a woman to attend SheTech’s Coding Academy, giving her the tools to develop her software career.

Edgemony Coding Women Sicily

Our Italian support continues with Edgemony’s Coding Women Sicily, an initiative that offers scholarships for women to advance their software skillset.

Docebo provides:

  • Five sponsorships for women to attend their coding boot camp, an extensive training that empowers Sicilian women to become front-end developers in four months.
  • Volunteers who lend their knowledge and advice to female boot campers looking to break into tech.

Girls With Impact

Girls With Impact, a 501c3, operates the nation’s only live, online business program for young women. In live, online classes powered by Docebo, young women turn their passion into a business plan and, along the way, learn fundamentals of business—from problem-solving and critical thinking to technology, finances, and public speaking. Many graduates have gone on to receive large college scholarships. Nearly 90% report increased confidence.

While Girls With Impact is a customer of ours, they are also our partners.

Where Girls With Impact aims to boost the opportunities provided for girls between the ages of 12 – 18, Docebo offers mentors; connecting women and women-identifying tech leaders to girls who have completed the online mini-MBA program with advice and knowledge that can help these entrepreneurs bring their business plans to life.

This year, Docebo is mentoring ten Indigenous girls from two First Nation schools in Canada who began the mini-MBA program this month!

Women in Tech Sales

With our North American headquarters in Toronto, Docebo invests in Canadian women—partnering with Women in Tech Sales, a Canadian-based organization that seeks to attract and hire women into sales departments.

As a partner, Docebo sponsors multiple Women In Tech Sales boot camps throughout the year.


WomenHack promotes gender equality in tech by connecting women to companies committed to diversity. We’re honored to be one of those companies!

Docebo sponsors multiple WomenHack hiring events and is looking forward to attending their events this year in Milan and Paris.

The PitaRosso Pink Parade

As Breast Cancer surpasses lung cancer as the most commonly diagnosed cancer (despite it affecting predominantly women), we sponsor Docebians who attend the PitaRosso Pink Parade in Milan, Italy.

The PitaRosso Pink Parade is a 5K dedicated to raising contributions to the Umberto Veronesi Foundation’s Pink is Good project, committed to the battle against breast cancer and other female cancers.

It encapsulates intersectionality

It’s important to note that supporting women extends beyond cis-gender identities. Women-identifying individuals and communities deserve to be equally recognized and supported throughout the year.

While Docebo celebrates diversity and upholds equal opportunity within our organization, we also create space for our internal employee resource group, Docebo Pride, and are long-time supporters of Milano Pride (Italy) and Athens GA Pride (US).

Read more about our commitment to the LGBTQIA+ community.

It grows for the future

Docebo is proud to be a workplace where all women have the opportunity to grow their careers in tech and foster their innovation.

Docebo is proud to see many women within our organization move up in their career paths and be promoted internally for their hard work and dedication.

While we are fond of our progress thus far—in building a great relationship with DWA and extending our support to partners that elevate women in tech, we understand that the other 11 months of the year are still groundwork for us to do more and continue to grow our efforts in creating more impactful change.

While the best of today becomes the good of tomorrow, our women lifting efforts must also continue to grow and expand for the future.

The future is female after all. At Docebo, this is especially true.