Boost your eLearning content strategy to engage modern learners

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Join this webinar and learn why your old eLearning content is not working with modern learners

Today’s workforce is rapidly changing and this is why your old content won’t work with modern learners. In this webinar by Docebo and eLearning Industry we’ll show you how to fix your elearning content strategy and get the most out of your corporate training programs.

Your eLearning Content Strategy needs to evolve

Many Learning and Development professionals are struggling today because the eLearning content they developed for their legacy workforce is no longer effective, especially with the younger, emerging demographic of learners today.

Content is key to an effective training and development strategy, and it needs to adapt to the evolving needs of the learners, their preferences and priorities. But in a corporate environment, you also need to understand the different levels of learning of your employees: is the content easily digestible, how it is offered, what types of media are you using?

Patrick Martin, Head of Learning and Support for Docebo, will host this webinar in collaboration with eLearning Industry in order to share what’s wrong with the existing content paradigm and how to correct it. In this session, you will learn:

  • Why your legacy content could be failing your new and existing learners
  • What new learning and content standards have entered the L&D landscape
  • How to provide fresh, relevant content to your users, and more

More info about the webinar:

Title: Why your old content isn’t working with modern learners – and how to fix it
Date: March, 15th
Time: 1 PM ESTJoin this webinar and learn why your old eLearning content is not working with modern learners.