Delivering the Best Cloud-Based LMS Experience Possible

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Docebo Provides a Superior Experience for Customers with Amazon Web Services

At Docebo, we’re focused first and foremost on creating and delivering a cloud-based LMS that our customers love. That’s why we rely on Amazon Web Services (AWS), so that we can offer a high-performing, reliable cloud-based LMS product to the learning & development marketplace.

But what does that mean in real life for our customers? Well, we’ll tell you!

An LMS That’s Easy (and Affordable) to Deploy and Maintain

Docebo is incredibly easy to get started with – activating your platform takes mere seconds, and there are no IT expenses associated with installation and maintenance. That’s because Docebo is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) cloud-based learning management system (LMS).

With Docebo, your learning management system is accessible 24/7 from anywhere by anyone with a browser and login credentials. That includes access from mobile devices, like your smartphone or tablet. This makes Docebo’s cloud-based LMS easy to get your users started on – they’ll be pros in no time!

A Cloud-Based LMS Solution That Evolves as the Market Does

“The learning and development industry is evolving quickly,” says Donato Mangialardo, Docebo’s Product Marketing Director. “Docebo is committed to staying one step ahead, and that means continually improving and investing in our technology.”

With AWS, we can provide lightning-fast product updates to our customer base. This means all our clients are able to benefit from every single one of the new features, integrations, and platform improvements that we release on a regular basis. And there’s a lot to take advantage of!

“Using Amazon Web Services allows us to keep an agile mindset,” explains Fabio Pirovano, Docebo’s Chief Technology Officer. “Our product team can respond rapidly to customer suggestions, while also continuing to innovate within our software platform.”

The Security of Knowing Your Data is Safe

We understand how deeply many of our customers care about the privacy of their data. Amazon Web Services allows Docebo to provide unsurpassed security to everyone who uses our platform.

“The AWS architecture is foundational to our clients’ success, not to mention the success of our overall business model,” says Melvin Prada, Head of Customer Success. “It is important that our customers know that their data is secure and can be reliably accessed at all times. Using AWS allows us to deliver consistently on that promise.”

What’s the bottom line? A better software experience, and one that you and your learners can count on. Best of all, it’s easy to get started!

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