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How Docebo Discover, Coach & Share Could Help you Uncover Learning Gold

• 4 min read

How Docebo Discover, Coach & Share could help you uncover buried treasure

Learning is a journey, one where the destination can sometimes be too far in the distance to clearly make out.

We all want our learners to discover new insights, but it’s important that admins are able to easily manage this, and have the tools to prove that all of their hard work is actually having an impact on the business.

Are you still trying to uncover the impact that learning is having on your organization? Without the proper map that leads your learners in the right direction, successes will remain undiscovered and your team’s learning efforts will go unrealized.

Not only does this stop you from commending your L&D teams when they do great work (which is obviously important), but it also stops them from being able to see where they are going wrong or in what areas they need to improve.

Don’t worry, not all is lost – Docebo has come to the rescue with a new product evolution to help you unlock Discover, Coach & Share!

Sound Familiar?

  • You have some really talented, seasoned employees that have a lot of knowledge to offer, but where do they house that knowledge & answer any questions on their expert topics?
    Not having a single place to store this information can lead to bottlenecks when they’re the only people that can do the job. What happens when they are off sick or on vacation? What do employees do when they can’t find the information that they need to do their jobs properly?
  • You invest heavily in L&D, but you’re still overloading your L&D managers with so much maintenance work that they aren’t ever able to focus on the results that their efforts bring. How do you know if your investment is making any significant impact on your business? How do your L&D teams know where to improve?

It’s Time for Change

Docebo Discover, Coach & Share allows learners to explore the learning pathways that they are most interested in, all without leaving your learning platform or relying on admins to find the content on their behalf.

The feature allows for knowledge to be shared amongst peers within the learning environment, and for questions to be asked of your Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) for all to see.

Most importantly – all of this information stays within the platform, releasing your SMEs from repeating the same answers over and over again, and securing your business from knowledge loss.

How Docebo Discover, Coach & Share is the Key to Uncovering Real Business Impact

With Discover, Coach & Share, you can unlock your learners’ expertise, encourage them to share their insights, validate them with peer-review, and share knowledge across teams.

To drive productivity and spur professional growth through social learning, you can even record demos, lectures, webinars, and calls directly within the platform that can then be shared across the learning community.

Along with this, you can also provide a high-quality, personalized, and curated content stream that updates with fresh content every few hours, eliminating the time your Admins would otherwise take searching for the most recent, relevant content for each user.

To make sure your teams’ work isn’t going unnoticed, you can also leverage pre-built reports that show you who your most engaged employees are, identify internal subject-matter experts, and how much user-generated content is spreading knowledge company-wide.

So, where can this be applicable?

  1. Customer Enablement: Foster a sense of community with your customers by creating curated content channels focused on their interests and giving them a place to ask questions and get the expert insight they need.
  2. Sales Enablement: Unlock sales expertise beyond just formal sales training to drive revenue and open new partner channels. Share recorded demos, sales calls, success stories, strategies and more directly in the platform to share with your entire salesforce and deliver the business numbers.
  3. Employee Development & Retention: Give thousands of users a single place to uncover content from inside and outside of your learning platform, ask questions to internal experts and receive answers, then house and publish the conversations for all, boosting employee engagement and developing them into business champions.
  4. Professional Membership: Create a social learning space that delivers personalized, curated content for each member, keeping them in your platform to maximize the value of your association membership by providing them with a complete learning experience that includes formal, curated and user-generated content, areas for discussion and experience sharing, and a place to ask questions and interact with subject-matter experts.

No matter the business journey, Docebo Discover, Coach & Share will be there to guide your learners in the right direction and lead your organization to success.

Create your own adventure and request a demo with us today!