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Bring Content Curation Into Your Corporate L&D Strategy

• 5 min read

Imagine you’re hosting a dinner party but you want to serve each guest their favorite dish. This means purchasing the ingredients, then preparing and cooking several separate meals. Needless to say, it’s time consuming, expensive and chaotic trying to bring everything together. You eventually decide it’s not worth all the effort and cook one meal for all your guests.

Now imagine your dinner guests are your learners. You’ve been serving up the same dish for all of them, even though some might not even like the content or program you’re putting in front of them. You can’t please everyone on your own. But what if you could get your learners to choose the skills they want to grow, or topics they want to learn about, and then your learning platform would serve up relevant content for them, pulled from anywhere on the Internet, not just in your platform?

It’s like having your own sous-chef with access to any ingredient in the world and the knowledge to cook anything (okay, that’s the last of the food analogies).

What we’re talking about here isn’t just content curation, but smart content curation that is driven by an artificial intelligence-powered recommendation engine. Give your learners some control in the learning content they want to see, without bearing the burden of trying to scour your learning platform or external sources for relevant content.

This was the major need behind the development of Docebo Discover, a new feature within our Coach & Share module that brings the best content on the web directly into your learning platform.

We will dive into what’s now possible with Docebo Discover, but first, let’s explore why curation that is tied to skills development is a pressing issue for learning and development pros.

The Current Problem with Content

Content is one of the biggest struggles L&D professionals face today – creating, maintaining, curating, and managing it, as well as getting the right content in front of the right learners. The content that does make it into a learning platform is usually done so by Admins themselves (either by creating it, importing it, curating it, etc.) or, for platforms with a social sharing feature, learners can add it into their platforms themselves.

Any content beyond this has to be accessed elsewhere, meaning that learners are switching in and out of their platform to engage in relevant content for a fuller learning experience. This can lead to a distracted or unmotivated workforce that just isn’t finding the relevant and personalized experience that they need in one place.

Employees want to do what they do better through training, but they aren’t satisfied with the current offerings.

In fact, one in three (35%) say their employer’s training is out-of-date.

When employees need help or advice on how to complete a task or make a decision, more than one in three (37%) prefer to ask Google for help over a coworker.

If L&D pros want to get the right content in front of each learner, it requires knowing what each learner wants out of their training and how they want to grow, then finding relevant content for them – curating their learning content. This may work for a few learners, but not for entire groups of learners and this task quickly falls out of the scope of any scalable solution.

Ask yourself this question: Are my learners coming to the platform to engage in the content that interests them? Or are they going elsewhere?

How Docebo Discover Solves This Problem

With Docebo Discover, learners get more of a voice in the content they want to see directly in the platform, eliminating the need to jump in and out of the platform to find necessary content to spur engagement and growth. By identifying which skills they want to work on, learners can more proactively play a part in their learning experience while taking the burden off of Admins to find content relevant for each individual learner.


For Docebo Learning Platforms with the Coach & Share module, Docebo Discover can be activated by admins by finding the “My Areas of Improvement” tab within the Channel section in your menu.

You will be able to edit which learners will have access to the feature if you don’t want it to be available to all users and that’s all you need to do on the admin side!


Learners will be invited to use Docebo Discover or can get started by going to the “My areas of improvement” section from their menu.

They will be asked what their role is and then the platform will suggest common skills/areas of improvement based on the functions of that role.

Learners will then rate their competency levels for each area they would like to improve.

This information will be used to pull together a curated and personalized channel of external content that addresses the outlined areas of improvement. This channel is constantly updated with fresh content every few hours, eliminating the time admins would otherwise take searching for the most recent, relevant content for each user. The content can be filtered by the skills identified for easy navigation.

As learners develop and their interests evolve, they can go back and change their role or areas of improvement from the profile area, so they receive more relevant content in the channel.

Docebo Discover For Multiple Learning Needs

Professional Development – Motivate and engage your learners to grow in the areas that they want to develop with a free content stream tailored to their skills of choice.

Sales Enablement – Empower your sales engine to zone in on personal growth through a free curated content stream that goes beyond formal training to increase win rates and make your sales people more effective.

Partner Enablement – Invest in your partner channels without burdening Admins to understand the skills and relevant content for every one of them by providing them with personalized content for every learner.

Customer Enablement – Reduce churn and increase product adoption with your customers by giving them a personalized growth tool that lets them feel invested in your learning program.

Whatever your uses and goals are for your learning programs, it’s critical to keep learners engaged with fresh and relevant content that will ultimately guide them to perform better in their role.

There is power in self-directed learning; in handing over some control to the very learners you work so hard to connect with. To encourage them to engage in learning and take a stake in their professional development. The key is finding the mix that works best not only for your business, but for them.

Allow them to discover those opportunities, and the benefits will follow.

Learn more about the ways you can add content curation to your learning mix.