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Empower Learners with Access to Docebo’s eLearning Content Marketplace

• 2 min read

Learners granted access to boundless content offering through Docebo content marketplace

Docebo is pleased to announce that our award-winning learning management system (LMS) now connects to global learning content provider OpenSesame.

Integration opens floodgates of content to Docebo LMS

This new integration enables training managers to access, browse, and purchase learning materials from prominent off-the-shelf learning content providers from within the Docebo eLearning Content Marketplace. After this, learning materials can be placed in courses, learning plans, and thematic channels.

This integration comes at no additional cost for Docebo customers, who will only need to purchase or subscribe to courses and bundles within OpenSesame to enjoy their content. OpenSesame offers on-demand elearning courses for the enterprise, including more than 20,000 courses from some of the world’s leading publishers, including content on business skills, safety, compliance, technology, industry-specific challenges, and certifications.

OpenSesame is the first in a series of learning content providers that will be added to Docebo Content Marketplace in 2017, so stay tuned.

The Content Marketplace that links seamlessly to your LMS

Courses for OpenSesame can be stored in Docebo’s single source Central Learning Object Repository so they can easily be distributed and replicated to multiple courses. Learner progress and completion can be tracked and reports can be created. Changes to learning materials are reflected in all instances of that learning material across multiple courses.

To learn more about Docebo’s Content Marketplace and see the product in action:

This release of its Content Marketplace, although providing integrated access to well known, world renowned learning content providers such as OpenSesame, is only the first step towards the integration of a comprehensive suite of off the shelf content offering. Docebo plans to add several more through the course of 2017, spanning to global providers and regional content partners.

Discover how the Content Marketplace can get the course content your learners will love up in front of them through a best-in-class, world-leading LMS by trying Docebo free today.