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How to Create Mobile Learning Platforms With Ease

• 3 min read

As learning managers, you have the unenviable task of trying to please everyone.

While other departments have just one team to look after, you have numerous – both inside and outside of the organization.

A common pain point is the time it takes to set up learning programs, and with the recent surge in mobile activity, admins now need to not only build a desktop version of their learning materials, but another suited to learning on the go.

You’d have to be a coder to set up a mobile learning app properly, and if you have no coding experience, you’d need to hire some outside help.

Mobile learning is an important part of the learning experience and will continue to grow in the upcoming years, but there’s got to be an easier and quicker way of implementing.

Fortunately, now there is!

Docebo has extended its Pages to mobile learning with Mobile Pages, a new drag-and-drop, widget focused feature that allows you to easily create memorable mobile learning experiences for your teams.

The Same Learning Experience Across All Devices

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of Mobile Pages is that you can easily set it all up yourself, providing learners the same experience across all desktop and mobile learning environments, using “drag and drop” widgets to build pages and with customized menus for each learner audience.

Admins can either synchronize the desktop and mobile menus to provide the same experience to the same user groups on all devices for an uninterrupted, familiar learning experience, or they can create a customized desktop menu and a separate mobile menu for the same audience.

With Pages on mobile, you can create the structure of your mobile app to give your learners the familiar learning experience that they want and expect. Pair it with Docebo’s Mobile App Publisher to create your own mobile learning app from the inside out, customizing your own structure, app name, login experience, pages, menus, logos and more.

For those with numerous audiences to juggle, you can even opt to synchronize your desktop and mobile menus to provide the same experience to the same user groups on all devices. We’ve got you covered, no matter how much creativity you have time for!

Increase Speed of Deployment

Working in L&D means being proactive, so you certainly don’t have the time or patience to wait for someone else to create your mobile platform for you.

Now the power is in your hands. Mobile Pages empowers you to have full control over the set up of your learning platform, allowing you to concentrate on improving the performance of your teams sooner and more effectively.

The ease of use of Mobile Pages makes getting learning programs to your learners quicker than ever before, with beautiful learning experiences, no matter the device.

Create a Sense of Familiarity

Mobile Pages has been built specifically to respond to a market that demands on-the-go learning and supports you to drive your learner’s performance. Addressing the outdated solutions surrounding mobile learning, we’re encouraging learning the way that your learners want it – fast and on demand.

Add Mobile Pages to your toolbelt and easily provide the multi-device learning experience that your employees, partners, and customers need.

Contact us to learn more about the ways Mobile Pages can elevate your learning experience.