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Deliver high-impact training through customized elearning programs

• 4 min read

Just as in everyday life, in training programs everyone is unique. Today, companies and big organizations gather people together from different cultures with different goals, and ways of learning and improving. So, how can everyone’s individual needs be accommodated? Elearning programs, in order to be effective, must be tailored around the individual – their needs and peculiarities – and this is the reason why Docebo is designed to help companies deliver customized elearning programs.

Exploring Docebo 6.6’s Admin Dashboard

It all begins with the welcome page! A standard welcome page for everybody doesn’t work at all, and a lot of the time even a ‘customized’ page isn’t enough, and can be rather superficial. That is to say, it’s too simplistic to customize a page to match a specific role’s needs for customized learning, you need to go much deeper into customization and build a unique learning experience.

This is what we had in mind when we created the new dashboard system: a new way to let you welcome your learners to the LMS and customize their experience from the very beginning by building pages to match their very unique needs and expectations.

The Docebo learning management system is designed with a ‘modular approach’ previously evident through our “app marketplace” and course panel. Now this philosophy is expressed in the newly updated dashboard.

By managing a training project within your organization, the admin dashboard layout area lets you create multiple dashboard styles and assign them to your learners, power users and admins. In order to offer a varied experience, you can also customize the appearance for each branch or, if using the Extended Enterprise LMS, client and dealer.

Pick your widgets and build customized elearning programs

Customizations can be managed with different widgets. With customization you can present the information the specific group of users actually needs (i.e. it’s targeted), and nothing superfluous.

As a modular learning management system, Docebo offers a wide selection of widgets capable of doing pretty much everything – the only limit is your imagination. You can create the best learning environment for your users, with all the relevant features you’d like to have, customized according to multiple configuration options. Everything you want is at your fingertips, you just need to set the system up according to your needs.

Let me quickly guide you through Docebo’s world of widgets:

My Courses

This widget is the most basic, but at the same time the most essential one. It will let you present your training offering according to user enrollments.

Courses Catalog

Showcase your courses directly in the home page. If you want to promote your most popular courses, you can do it here. You can also insert some catchy elements to get users’ attention and attract them to the full catalog.

My Learning Plans

A helpful widget for users as it shows them the list of Learning Plans they are enrolled in.

Subscription codes

Are you looking for an alternative – and effective – way to allow your users to enrol? Start using the subscription codes widget, a must-have if you’re already using the related app!


A simple HTML/WYSIWYG editor for your custom content: do you want to embed inspirational phrases? Or maybe you prefer motivational images? You can do so right here!


If the HTML/WYSIWYG editor is not enough, you can get onto this even more powerful widget. The “IFrame” lets you include content that lies in an external company website.


This widget shows the list of social networks your company is in. Users can connect with your social profiles directly from the LMS.

User Profile

It allows you to display the avatar and profile information of the currently logged-in users. And remember: having a nice profile picture is a must when it comes to social interactions!


Let users keep track of their training schedule and see their upcoming events with the calendar widget.


This widget shows the latest blog posts published by your users.

KPIs-related widgets

The last three widgets are KPIs-related. They are designed to share with users some interesting data, and they’re built on the LMS roles – you can select the KPIs that are to show for each role:

  • My KPIs: KPIs about users’ performance, so they’re aware about their own performance
  • Power User KPIs: Power Users’ statistics to keep an eye on the users they are managing
  • Admin KPIs: Admin stats, because we love clear charts and graphs!

And finally, take a look at the final results of a ‘hyper widget’-powered LMS:

Do you already have a Docebo elearning platform? Login and start playing with these new tools! Otherwise, you can start your Docebo free trial in less than 30 seconds: click right here!