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How to Use Gamification and Docebo’s Rewards Marketplace to Tap Your Learners’ Inherent Competitive Nature

• 5 min read

Use your e-learning platform to nurture that healthy sense of competition your learners desire – and turn it into opportunity!

Humans are competitive by nature. After all, we encounter competitive situations everyday, whether it’s in a recreational league softball game, mashing the buttons of your PS4 controller in an intense round of Call of Duty, draining your smartphone’s battery on the Clash of Clans battlefield or, simply, a friendly sales competition at work, we all have an inherent desire to win. From an e-learning perspective, a dose of healthy competition enabled by a learning management system (LMS) equipped with gamification capabilities is beneficial to your learners and your organization.

If you’re in the market for a learning management platform that improves learner engagement, interactivity and motivation, Docebo’s gamification functionalities include a rewards marketplace to incentivize your users, improve engagement with your learning activities and nurture that healthy sense of competition your learners desire, but may not have tapped into just yet.

Gamification in E-learning

Gamification allow learning administrators to apply gaming concepts to their e-learning strategy. In Docebo, gamifying the e-learning experience allows administrators to assign point systems to questions or answers, which encourages learners to unlock different badges depending on different achievements along their e-learning journey.

In some cases, such as Docebo’s Rewards Shop, users can then use the points they’ve earned for their e-learning achievements to unlock actual rewards, such as gift cards, cash or extra vacation days.

Gamification in Docebo allows administrators to:

  • Distribute rewards: Your learning platform houses a Rewards Marketplace to display, manage and allocate physical or virtual rewards. Superadmins are in charge of distributing those rewards.
  • Have insight into rewards distribution: When a user wants to redeem a rewards, Superadmins are notified and prompted to approve, reject or message the requestor.
  • Manage multiple branches: Reward sets can be configured to specific branches within your Docebo platform.

Why Should You Care About Gamification and Docebo’s Rewards Shop?

Given the proliferation of millennial workers in the modern workplace, and the fact that those employees grew up with the latest and greatest gaming technologies, they’re able to make an instant connection with gamifying their e-learning experience. That, coupled with the Millennial cohort’s shorter attention spans, drives their engagement with training content and encourages better knowledge retention. It’s a win-win for both sides of the e-learning coin: the organization benefits from more engaged learners, while learners are able to satisfy their drive to outdo each other.

In e-learning, gamification can take many forms. Gamified activities may be related to courses, such as the completion of learning objects or courses, or social learning initiatives (posting to internal blogs or asking and answering question in forums). In Docebo, administrators are able to establish rewards thresholds and the completed activities necessary to earn different badges, points or coins.

How to Activate The Rewards Marketplace in Docebo

More often than not, your learners will be motivated to participate and compete if there are rewards for doing so. Docebo users can access the Rewards Marketplace by activating the Gamification App in their learning platform. By default, the Rewards Marketplace is disabled, but enabling it won’t change any of your gamification settings – competitions, leaderboards, contests, badges and points for all learners remain the same.

Once activated, the Rewards Marketplace treats each learners’ points as currency, known as coins. Your learners can then exchanges their coins for a bid on a prize within your Rewards Marketplace. Your learning platform acts as your rewards catalogue to display, manage and allocate physical and virtual rewards. Superadmins are required to distribute rewards won outside of the platform.

It’s important to note that coins and points are treated separately. When a user spends his or her coins on a reward, the number of coins decreases. But, the number of points that user has accumulated never decreases as they represent the accumulation of their entire gamification earnings. So, when a user exchanges coins for a rewards in the Rewards Marketplace, there will be a different number for coins and points.

How Superadmins Can Add Awards to The Marketplace

Adding awards to the rewards marketplace requires accessing the Admin menu, then clicking through to the gamification section, and locating the Rewards item. You will see a “New Reward” button – press it to add your reward.
Once it’s been loaded into the Marketplace, you can give your reward a title, description and reward code, which can be alphanumerical. You will also need to add a translation for any languages your Docebo platform is offered in. Use the “Coins” text box to establish the number of coins a user will need to redeem to earn their chosen reward.

User Access to The Rewards Marketplace

Users interact with the Rewards Marketplace by scrolling to the “trophy” icon in their Docebo platform, and clicking the “Rewards Shop” button to access the marketplace, where they can filter different rewards based on their available “coin” currency, including those they can redeem with the number of coins attached to their account.

A sliding toggle allows users to filter rewards based on a maximum or minimum price range.

When a user requests a reward redemption, it will be accompanied by the ID, picture and name of the reward, the date and time the request was submitted, and its status. Each row for every request has a mail icon, giving users the ability to contact their administrator in charge of the request directly.

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Satisfy Their Competitive Side – It’s Healthy!

Gamifying your e-learning experience is a great way to catch your learners’ attention – and retain it by incentivizing them with juicy rewards for their engagement and participation. Use that to your business’ advantage – turn added engagement from your gamification activities (and rewards marketplace) into growth opportunities for not only your learners, but your bottom line. Ready to empower and engage your learners with gamification and our rewards shop?