Interview with Luca Fertitta: NSR adoption of Docebo’s E-Learning Platform

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Nova Systems Roma operates in the Information & Communication Technology sector: the company adopted the Docebo’s Learning Management System because of its technical scalability and off-the-shelf Joomla integration. In this interview, Luca Fertitta talks about NSR adoption of the Docebo E-Learning services.

Nova Systems Roma

  • Luca, can you tell us something about the sector your company operates in?

Our story begins in 1992, when Nova Systems Roma was founded and launched its first activities in the IT services market. Today, the company is well established in the Information & Communication Technology sector, and we have lots of expertise in specific verticals such as banking, telcom, IT, PA and utilities. We are able to cover complex projects at every step, from strategic advisory to System Integration, from custom software development to Security Solutions implementation, as well as System & Networking Management.

Nova Systems Roma

We have built our core business around the importance of companies’ information systems – our mission is to take care of it, because of the growing demand for specific IT & communication competences. Due to our branched skills, unique values and tested experience in this field, we are one of the main player in the ICT Security national market, with headquarters in Rome, Milan and Cosenza, and a professional team of 80 people.

Our portfolio of services is continuously being improved by building and acquiring new competencies (through human resources), as well as investing in new technologies: This is the development strategy we follow – the one that has been able to assure us a positive track record.

  • During the 2012, NSR deployed an E-Learning project in collaboration with Docebo. Can you share some information about it?

The project was around a web based platform designed to share informative material, along with “health and safety in the workplace” and “legality” training courses to be distributed via E-Learning. We needed deployment, maintenance and help desk support for this platform.

The project was aimed at improving local authorities and government behavior concerning administrative tasks (such as H&S and legality) via awareness and assistance support programs. We had to transfer rights and duties awareness to immigrant workers, and let them understand the importance of legality.

In order to achieve this, we proposed a new, integrated training model, by designing the proper infrastructures that would be able to spread this kind of topics. We also leveraged the in-target communication channels to reach cultural-linguistic mediators.

I have to say that it has been a great experience to be part of such a project, deepened by an intense social value.

  • What about Docebo and the added-value this solution has been able to bring within your organization?

Talking about added-value and advantages, we have to consider two main areas, and both of them have been crucial for the project success and the objectives achievement.

On one hand, the Docebo’s E-Learning platform is solid and highly effective from a performance point of view. Technically scalable, it allows for a dynamic management of content, as well as seamless integration with other software and applications involved in the project.

Both from an administrator and a end user standpoint, this Learning Management System comes with lots of interesting functionalities, and makes life easier not only for students and teachers, but also for the whole back-office team (project administrators).

Docebo Learning Management System

The other great added-value is the quality of the service. Docebo has been able to effectively assist us, meeting our needs from all the perspectives. From the billing department to the project leader, from the help desk to the product trainers – everyone worked at their best.

We have found a synergic team, and we worked with agreed upon and clear objectives. The company climate was awesome and has a great collaborative mood. We really want to highlight this, because it is something definitely not obvious.

Generally speaking, the product was absolutely fantastic- but we expected this. It is the awesomeness of the team that has been really exceeded our initial expectations.

  • You mentioned an integration between a Joomla CMS web-portal and the Docebo LMS – can you tell us the strengths of this integration?

This project requested an integration between Joomla (the CMS we adopted for some contents and services delivery) and Docebo (the LMS we used for the training-related activities). We basically wanted to have an integrated and shared user management.

Joomla Plugin

On the other hand, a must-have was the possibility to allow our users to access the online courses via the Joomla front-end, in a transparent and easy way. Thanks to the integration between Docebo and Joomla, we leveraged the Single Sign On capability: Our users were able to access the online training by using the same login information they were already using for the website itself. Awesome!

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