Introducing the NEW Docebo for Salesforce

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Support Continuous Learning Without Ever Leaving Salesforce.

The average company spends $10,000 to $15,000 hiring a salesperson, yet only spends $2,000 a year training them, which can lead to to missed opportunities in enabling teams to improve how they work and drive company success.

The benefits of using a CRM, such as Salesforce and a learning platform are obvious – accelerated time to productivity by tapping into targeted learning without leaving Salesforce, increased renewals and reduced customer churn, and greater partner performance.

Getting the most out of both systems, however, requires them to communicate seamlessly. If the two systems don’t operate within a single environment, keeping them synchronized is a constant manual effort that’s error-prone and time-consuming. 

The new Docebo for Salesforce extends Salesforce’s reach to support learning across your entire enterprise within a single environment by embedding Docebo directly into Salesforce.

This powerful upgrade to an already-popular integration leverages different learning methods that adapt to the many ways people learn today, making it more effective for onboarding, sales enablement and partner/customer training.

Salesforce Integrations Should Enable Informal Learning

The limitation with other LMS and Salesforce integrations is that they focus specifically on formal learning, which accounts for only about 10% of how your people learn.

According to the 70:20:10 learning framework, 70% of someone’s learning happens via on-the-job experiences, 20% through interactions with their peers, and just 10% in traditional, instructor-led classroom environments (or formal learning).

It’s estimated that U.S. companies invest more than $70 billion annually on sales training, with more than 75% of them using classroom training as their primary way to train their salespeople.

Modern learners have different preferences and want learning to be accessible, whenever and wherever they need it. Your salespeople are the most natural social learners. They don’t take or retain long, structured courses and they don’t watch 45-minute videos.

How Docebo For Salesforce Does This

One of the modules of Docebo’s learning platform is Coach & Share, which has been developed specifically to support social learning. Using Coach & Share, your learners can upload user-generated knowledge, engage with experts through Q&A threads, share new insights and build knowledge capital that will then be available to all of your Salesforce users, with no need to switch between different systems ever again.

For example, one of your salespeople is on a demo call and is asked a question by a client. They know the answer is in an asset uploaded to Docebo by one of their colleagues. Without leaving Salesforce, they switch to the Docebo tab, use the AI-powered deep search to search for the keyword and find the answer in a matter of seconds. They are able to provide the client with the right information and ensure a seamless demo.

Benefits of Docebo For Salesforce

Extending your Salesforce reach to support learning across your entire enterprise through different learning methods, enables you to develop a powerful culture of continuous learning.

Here’s a rundown of the benefits you’ll experience with the new Docebo For Salesforce:

1. Provide Seamless Learning Opportunities

Embed artificial intelligence-powered learning, from onboarding to professional development, directly in Salesforce and provide seamless learning opportunities to your dynamic, growing sales team.

Embedding Docebo in Salesforce gives you access to all the modules of the Docebo learning platform directly in Salesforce, alongside functionalities such as Pages, My Team, the Content Marketplace and more.

2. Easily Train Your Partners and Customers from Your Salesforce Lightning Community.

The integration between Docebo and Salesforce includes the support of Docebo in Salesforce Lightning Communities. Use communities to train your customers and your network of partners on your product. Set up certification programs and promote informal learning to foster cooperation. Use data coming from Docebo to create and populate Salesforce reports and dashboards.

3. Get More Insightful Reports and Dashboards

Docebo For Salesforce’s new architecture makes data in reports more precise, enabling you to drill down on the data you need to drive decisions, such as consumption, attendance, completion, progress, etc.

As Docebo’s reporting engine gets more sophisticated, more insightful dashboards will be available for a variety of different use cases.

4. Satisfy Your IT Team’s Security Requirements

The new integration adopts 100% of Salesforce’s own package architecture security mechanism, ensuring complete peace of mind for your IT stakeholders. This package architecture requires our integration to strictly control users, credentials, and access to content by enforcing Salesforce’s own natively-built security mechanism, practices and controls.

5. Get Set Up Faster with an Enhanced Synching Mechanism.

A completely redesigned architecture makes it easier to configure, evaluate, run a pilot and go live, with far less need for setup work and minimal dependency on dedicated support from Docebo. What previously took five pages of configuration settings now requires one single page, enabling you to start testing your integration in hours, not weeks.Register for our upcoming webinar on March 28th at 11:00AM EDT to see how you can get the most value out of the new Docebo for Salesforce.