Gamification. Yes. Social learning. Yes. Meet Docebo V 6.3

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Docebo 6.3We’re very excited to announce our latest product update, Docebo LMS Version 6.3. This new version comes with social and blended learning enhancements to help trainers engage users – resulting in better and more effective learning. The new Gamification app in Docebo 6.3 applies game design thinking to the learning context, whilst the social apps and widgets enable trainers to develop fully interactive courses.

Why should corporate trainers be concerned with Gamification and social learning? Without over-simplifying, more engaging learning means increased knowledge retention and that knowledge is then able to be transferred and applied to the workplace.

Docebo 6.3 brings Gamification to corporate learning

Gamification is not about “playing games” per se. Josh Squires, COO of Docebo EMEA, recently wrote about Gamification in corporate learning, in that article he says, “Gamification is the process of adding motivational elements within a learning framework or system to increase user engagement based upon sound game theory and game mechanics.”  With Docebo’s Gamification app you can implement gamification by running competitions against performance objectives, learning goals or key performance indicators (KPIs); making sure you set the pace of competition and ensuring the top performers are displayed on a leaderboard. As trainers are aware, it’s also important to reward all participants, whether a high-performer or not. Gamification makes all of this possible. For practical advice on how to define a Gamification strategy and start using Gamification in your elearning projects, please check this post.

Use 6.3’s Social Apps and Widgets to effectively manage social & blended learning

Designing fully interactive courses is easier than ever before with Docebo’s social apps and widgets. Trainers can customize the environment for each course to ensure users get what they really need. In this article our very own elearning analyst shows you how to create a social learning environment (in line with a social learning strategy) for your courses.

Some of the new social widgets in Docebo 6.3 are as follows:

  • Forum: a place for discussion, free or moderated, on one or many topics
  • Comments: a place to leave opinions, feedback or questions about a course
  • Assignment: a place where learners can upload new materials and share them with the teacher / trainer
  • Blog: a place to express ideas and share these directly with the learning community, as well as rate posts and comments in order to make their learning process more interactive, engaging and social

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