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July 2017: What’s New in the Docebo LMS

• 2 min read

Our latest release introduces notification digests, the ability to merge user profiles, and more

In order to balance our mission to regularly introduce user experience enhancements and maintain our rapid pace of innovation in learning technology, we have devised a new release process at Docebo. The new release process aims to make adoption faster and easier as product changes will be smaller and communicated well in advance.

What’s New in Docebo?

We are pleased to announce our first release that adopts this process – here are the features and improvements that are now available in your Docebo platform:


  • Notification Digests – Learners now get a single notification (digest) when enrolled to multiple courses as opposed to receiving one notification for every single course enrollment.
  • Merge User Profiles – You can now merge two learner user profiles, including enrollment data, to eliminate duplicated information.
  • Quick Registration – Make it easier for learners to self-register for courses by minimizing the information they need to type in at registration time.


  • API – APIs now include external trainings, subscriptions, enrollments, and catalogs.
  • Welcome Email – In addition to automatic notifications, Superadmins can now send a welcome email to users that have just been registered, as well as filter users by who has received a welcome email.
  • CSV Import – With an improved UI, administrators can now import manager-report relationships.
Full documentation for all features is available here.

What Should You Expect Next?

We will now release small feature sets as they are ready, at a frequency of approximately every 4-6 weeks. The next release is currently scheduled for the end of August 2017, and will include a brand new skills and competencies module that will make skills definition, evaluation, gap analysis, and learning assets assignment a breeze.

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