Showcase: Docebo 6.9 social learning platform and mobile LMS

• 3 min read

Watch our webinar on-demand to learn about the new Docebo social and mobile learning tools

Docebo’s newest update delivers a huge list of new features, integrations and a new mobile application for iOS and Android. We’ve made a recent webinar available on demand to showcase these new features and for you to see how they can be used to improve your learning plan.

Powerful Social Tools
In the webinar, we gave a detailed overview of the new Docebo Coach and Share module that works with Docebo Learn to create a social learning environment. Paired with the new mobile apps, Coach and Share allows users to unlock expert knowledge and find information at the point of need.
Docebo Coach
Let your knowledge seekers actively and directly engage with the right subject matter experts to ask questions and get answers, right at the point of need. No longer will your people need to stop what they’re doing to access training. Coach is a social e-learning platform where learners and experts join forces to create best practices and curate knowledge capital, and it’s where top performers are recognized by their peers.

Docebo Share
Encourage and empower your people with user generated content from daily on-the-job activities. Content is uploaded, then categorized and peer-reviewed, curated and validated, while building a culture that recognizes and rewards top performers.

Docebo Mobile
The Docebo LMS is now available on any device. We’ve built mobile applications for iOS and Android, and a new web application, optimized for any smartphone browser, will soon make its debut. Now more than ever, Docebo learners will be able to access learning content on the go.

More New Features

  • Channels: Any learning material, including courses, videos or document of any type are now accessible via Channels, inspired by the way Netflix users browse content.
  • Central Learning Object Repository: Centralize your training content and reuse it for different courses.
  • New Web Conferencing Integrations: Docebo now works with Blue Jeans, and more to seamlessly support live sessions across the most popular conferencing tools.
  • Embedded Video Content: Embed your Youtube, Vimeo and Wistia videos to your courses.
  • Lectora: Docebo now integrates with the authoring tool to create beautiful content and import it straight to your Docebo elearning platform.
  • PENS Support: Docebo now supports PENS, a standard that provides a method for authoring tools like Lectora to directly send course packages to an LMS. PENS makes an author’s life easier by streamlining the development and publishing process.

These new features, tools and integrations aren’t just designed to make elearning easier but to strengthen the link between learning and performance. The right tools can transform elearning from a necessary evil to a well embraced opportunity for users.

Check out the webinar recording now to see how these new powerful tools can help your learning plan evolve.