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DoceboInspire 2018 Recap: L&D is Set for a Revolution with AI

• 3 min read

Didn’t make it to DoceboInspire this year? Here’s a recap of the key takeaways.

“Learning and development is a data generation industry that is not yet data-driven.”

That’s how Docebo CEO, Claudio Erba, sees it and that’s why artificial intelligence was such a focal point at our annual user conference, DoceboInspire, which took place in Toronto last week.

This year, we had over 40 speakers and more than 400 attendees from 18 countries, for 3 days of incredible sessions, inspirational keynotes, networking and, most of all, fun!

Here are just a few of the highlights from the event:


  • Our other keynote from Chester Elton encouraged L&D professionals to go all in and inspired everyone to focus on how they can make their employees feel like everyday rockstars, while Raya Bidshari taught us how to put the awe back in corporate training.


  • Patrick Veenhoff and his team at Swisscom have unlocked the key to driving engagement by promoting learning content that is entirely user-generated. They asked the question, “How can we make training more effective?” The answer – Easy; ask your learners. Ask them how they want to learn to drive engagement and organizational performance.


  • Charles Jennings from the 70:20:10 Institute said it’s time to flip the paradigm from “learning in order to work” to “working in order to learn”.


  • For lots of learners, training platforms are competing against Google and YouTube. Learning content must be modernized, bite-sized, engaging and easy to consume.


  • Ben Eubanks, Principal Analyst at Lighthouse Research & Advisory, gave his endorsement of Docebo’s commitment to AI-powered innovation, saying: “The AI piece in Docebo’s roadmap is evolutionary, but it’s also revolutionary. As one of the experts in the industry for how AI is working and supporting the employee experience, this excites me on so many levels.”


  • Out with the old – the days of traditional learning and mandatory training are changing – the fun is being brought back to learning (on the learner’s terms).


  • With artificial intelligence, Docebo is developing a Virtual Coach that will act as a personal trainer for learning. The Virtual Coach will interact with the learner via chat to proactively and reactively to answer questions, recommend content and, in general, guide the learning experience


  • We also celebrated the best our customers had to offer at our annual DoceboInspire Learning Awards hosted at The Rec Room directly underneath the CN Tower. See the full list of winners here.


Thank you to our dedicated Docebo customers, partners and conference sponsors for your generous support. You all made this conference possible and we thank you. We can’t wait to see you all at DoceboInspire 2019!Are you ready to see AI-powered learning in action?