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DoceboInspire Award Winners: Best Learning Experience Design & Best Use of E-Commerce

• 3 min read

At this year’s DoceboInspire, we focused on how we can define technology through a human lens, and we looked into the future to see how technology can ultimately benefit us.

After a memorable three days of workshops, panels, and talks on everything learning, it was hard to pick our favourite moment.

But really, we do this for our customers, 400 of whom were able to attend this year’s conference.

In the spirit of this, we want to highlight the fantastic work of this year’s DoceboInspire Award winners.

Today, we’re focusing on the winners of two categories – Best Learning Experience Design and Best Use of E-Commerce – Simcorp and ACP (Automóvel club de Portugal) , and how they used the Docebo Learning Platform to reach their goals.

Best Learning Experience Design – Simcorp

Simcorp is a financial software company based in Denmark, specializing in integrated investment management solutions.
With such an intricate and complex user system, SimCorp needed a robust learning platform to train their customers and employees to ensure that they got the most out of their finance tool. As Simcorp’s consumer base is global, they also had to find a way to deliver high-quality training to their learners anywhere, anytime.

Simcorp identified that they needed to provide an interactive learning experience for their learners that was easy to navigate and user-friendly in order to ensure high engagement rates. They also wanted the platform to be capable of tracking progress and generating extensive reports.

After working with Docebo, Simcorp now delivers learning to its customers through videos, software simulations, interactive quizzes, tests, and customizable learning plans. They have also incorporated a gamification experience, where their clients can compete to earn points, badges, and be at the top of their organizational leaderboard.

Best Learning Experience Design - Simcorp

Best Learning Experience Design - Simcorp

As a result of this implementation, Simcorp have seen their engagement rates rapidly increase and have been able to greatly improve upon their speed of delivering learning programs.

Future plans include learning evaluation tests so that Simcorp can continuously improve upon their learning programs and measure the rate of knowledge retention of their learners.

Best Use of E-Commerce – ACP

ACP was founded in 1903 and is recognized as Portugal’s largest automobile club, boasting 250,000 members. With their speciality in the motor industry, ACP branched out to offer various services for their members, including roadside assistance, motorsport events, and insurance.

After a new law passed in Portugal that required mobile app taxi drivers, such as drivers for Uber, to complete a certification of completion of 50 hours training, ACP saw the potential to create an e-learning environment to support this.

ACP partnered with Uber to become one of only three certified entities providing the certification through 25 hours of online learning to support the 25 hours of classroom training.

With a short deadline to completion, ACP needed to find a strong and reliable partner to make their ideas a reality. After identifying Docebo as the best solution, ACP started work on their intricate workflow, which consisted of twelve different steps.

Due to limited time and human resources available, ACP used Docebo’s APIs to design a solution that guaranteed maximum automation, whilst fully tracking the steps of enrolment, learning, validation and delivery of certificate in the workflow.

As a result, ACP were able to make strong time-saving efforts and successfully implement their platform to sell the driver certification course.

For admins, the key factors for success were a dedicated Docebo account team, and the availability of automated features using the API – something that would otherwise have required manual intervention with a high risk of human error.

Thanks to an easy connection with API, ACP were able to create accounts, share real time learner progress, and verify knowledge acquisition for the certification process, resulting in 800 certificates checked and delivered in just 3 days.

We would like to personally thank all of our award entrants for sharing their Docebo success stories. It was incredibly inspiring to hear how organizations are engaging their learners and delivering exceptional learning programs to their teams.