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DoceboInspire Award Winner: Best Employee Onboarding

• 4 min read

The dust is settling on DoceboInspire 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia, after a memorable three days of workshops, panels, and talks on everything learning.

This year, we discussed how we can define technology through a human lens, and we looked into the future to see how technology can ultimately benefit us.

With a keynote from the inspirational Jason Silva and an impressive hologram of our CEO, Claudio Erba, as he welcomed everyone to another exciting year, it was hard to pick our favourite moment.

But really, we do this for our customers, 400 of whom were able to attend this year’s conference.

In the spirit of this, we want to highlight the fantastic performances of this year’s DoceboInspire Award winners.

Today, we’re focusing on the joint winners of the Best Employee Onboarding category, Learning A-Z and HCSS, and how they used the Docebo Learning Platform to reach their goals.


Learning A-Z:

Learning A-Z is an education technology company dedicated to expanding literacy for children by providing thoughtfully designed resources for the classroom.

With over 360 employees, Learning A-Z needed a motivational environment for the onboarding of their growing sales team, and looked to Docebo to help them succeed.

Following internal audits and surveys, skills gaps were identified in current employees which gave the Learning and Development team a clear understanding of how to rebuild their onboarding courses for future employees.

Working from these insights, Learning A-Z developed a learning program within the Docebo Learning Platform to prepare new employees to enter into their territory, confident that they had the skills they needed to engage customers and increase revenue.


Exceeding goals
80% of the new hires from all sales divisions met or exceeded their goals for the quarter. The inside account specialist team saw 90% of their new hires meet or exceed their mid-year goals.

Knowledge retention
The new sales executives improved their ability to address customer needs, deepened their product
knowledge, and increased the number of product demonstrations presented to customers.

Renewed excitement for learning
By establishing the relevance of product knowledge as a critical tool for sales success, new hires are now comfortable with on-going independent learning to increase product and industry knowledge. As a result, Learning A-Z are seeing growth in the number of employees in all areas of sales participating in webinars and completing e-learning courses.

Improving relationships
The onboarding program established a mentoring/coaching program to support new hires as they develop their pipeline and engage customers, developing supportive relationships among the sales teams.

Also, the relationships with other departments, such as marketing and sales operations, has decreased the number of mistakes or missed opportunities because the new hires were better prepared to partner with these departments.



HCSS is a software and services company that offers a suite of 11 integrated software programs to their customers in the construction industry.

With 340 employees specialized in software, new hires tend to lack the construction industry knowledge required for the role.

HCSS recognized that their current learning methods weren’t up to scratch, so they needed to find a Learning Platform that would help deliver an effective onboarding program.

To address these issues, HCSS looked to Docebo to realize their goals and rally their SMEs to create content for the onboarding of the next generation of teammates.


Maximizing SMEs’ time
After launching their new learning programs, 10 hours of instructor-led-training (ILT) was replaced with self-paced content and 2.5 hours of instructor-led workshop, freeing up SMEs to spend more time with their customers.

With up to 30 hours of ILT still yet to be converted into digital learning content, HCSS expect to see a major positive impact on business results.

Happy customers
As new hires began interacting with customers, HCSS saw a vast improvement in average Customer Satisfaction rating, Total Time to Resolution, and Net Promoter Score on support interaction surveys, compared to the results of new employees prior to the incorporation of Docebo.

Building a culture of continuous learning
With 25-30 new employees onboarded per team each year, many of those employees develop into more senior roles within the organization, so it is critical to develop a culture of continuous learning.

Docebo has helped HCSS accomplish this by providing a consistent platform for earlier and broader exposure to product knowledge, company culture, and value themes, generating a sense of accomplishment and forward progress.


We would like to personally thank all of our award entrants for sharing their Docebo success stories. It was incredibly inspiring to hear how organizations are engaging their learners and delivering exceptional learning programs to their teams.

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