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DoceboInspire Award Winners: Best use of Social Learning and Best Achievement in Mobile Learning

• 3 min read

This year’s DoceboInspire saw us celebrate technology through a human lens, giving us a sneak peek into the future of how technology will ultimately benefit us.

It wouldn’t be a celebration if we didn’t highlight the successes of our customers, 400 of whom attended this year’s conference.

In the spirit of this, we’re putting the spotlight on this year’s DoceboInspire Award winners to showcase how they elevated their learning strategies.

Today, we’re focusing on the winners of two categories – Best use of Social Learning and Best Achievement in Mobile Learning – Cineplex and ASM Assembly Systems, and how they used the Docebo Learning Platform to reach their goals.

Cineplex – Best use of Social Learning

Cineplex is Canada’s largest film exhibitor, hosting over 70 million guests each year in entertainment venues and theatres across the country. Pioneers of the Canadian entertainment industry, Cineplex is the proud employer of over 13,000 people in Canada and the US.

Before the Docebo program launch, Cineplex noted that their agents took an average of four weeks to reach full competency, a lengthy induction period that warranted a program revamp.

The vision for their new learning program was to decrease the time it would take for their employees to reach full job competency, prepare agents to effectively accommodate guests, increase guest satisfaction scores, and foster a culture of learning.


A Quicker & More Effective Ramp Up
Since launching the Docebo Learning Platform, Cineplex has seen a vast reduction in the time it takes for their employees to reach full job competency, reducing overall ramp up time by ten days.

Knowledge retention has also skyrocketed, with the average learner retaining 81% of the information they were taught in the learning platform. Encouragingly, learners have also indicated that they feel like they have been “set up for success” by the new learning initiatives in their learning program.

Increase in Guest Satisfaction
With the company’s continued growth, it has been critical for their onboarding program to increase guest satisfaction as their contacts expand. After launching the Docebo Learning Platform, Cineplex has celebrated an increased guest satisfaction score of 93%.

Social Learning Ecosystem
Cineplex has seen immediate success in their new interactive design approach which drives learner engagement and consistency. 92% of learning within their new program now takes place in a social learning atmosphere, enabling agents to access learning tools, agendas, and resources in a single location. Learners have since applauded the overall sense of belonging they feel among the Guest Services team.

ASM Assembly Systems – Best Achievement in Mobile Learning

ASM Assembly Systems is an SMT Manufacturing company with 15,000 employees, and a leading technological supplier for electronic manufacturers around the world.

As ASM’s product portfolio saw significant growth over a short period of time, they couldn’t ignore the increased workload put upon their service employees. Their goal was to create a digital educational environment to replace the formal classroom instructor led training program that previously drove their learning.

ASM began to build a mobile learning solution that would replace their current classroom training curriculum and simultaneously increase learner engagement through collaboration and hands on learning with virtual reality (VR).


Learning On-Demand
ASM has leveraged their new digital learning platform to train employees on feature and product updates quickly and uniformly. The short modules have also increased user adoption and decreased completion times.

ASM has also extended their learning platform to their customers, who can now confidently show products and solutions, resulting in increased indirect sales opportunities.

A New Reality
The new learning program was built alongside VR which has increased user engagement and content creation. The VR player development married with VR has fostered a best in class learning environment for ASM.

Projected Savings
After the launch of ASM’s new learning curriculum, they are projected to reduce their machine investment costs by €500K per year, alongside an additional €500K per year in costs towards internal training.

We would like to personally thank all of our award entrants for sharing their Docebo success stories. It was incredibly inspiring to hear how organizations are engaging their learners and delivering exceptional learning programs to their teams.

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