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DoceboInspire Award Winners: Rookie of the Year and Best Achievement in Extended Enterprise Training

• 4 min read

This year’s DoceboInspire saw us celebrate technology through a human lens, providing a sneak peek into the future of how technology will ultimately benefit us.

While gathered in Atlanta with 400 of our customers, we were able to uncover the ways in which our customers champion learning.

To keep driving the inspiration, we’re sharing the success stories of this year’s DoceboInspire Award Winners to showcase how they redesigned their learning strategies.

Today, we’re spotlighting the winners of two categories – Rookie of the Year and Best Achievement in Extended Enterprise Training – Rogers Electric and UiPath, and how they used the Docebo Learning Platform to reach their goals.

Rogers Electric – Rookie of the Year

Rogers Electric is powered by over 1,500 employees and is known for being the largest self-performing contractor in the US for electricity and lighting. For the last 35 years, their trained technicians have focused on service needs surrounding electricity, construction, HVAC, plumbing, and distribution.

Before they began to leverage Docebo in January of 2019, Rogers developed a business plan with the intent to double their revenue over the course of five years. The crucial component to that growth required that they provide robust and effective training for their workforce, 75% of which is scattered across the country.

In order to effectively train 14 different offices, they needed a solution that could be distributed to their vast audience, while also keeping the content centralized and consistent across the organization at large. Finally, they needed to be able to track the effectiveness of each branch to maintain the bandwidth to stimulate overall growth.


Record Time Adoption
Within four months of launching the Docebo Learning Platform, Rogers unveiled over 100 new courses on their learning platform and opened up their training to the entire company, hosting over 1,000 users in just the first few weeks. After this success, over 80% of employees began utilizing all of the available resources within the platform, resulting in positive feedback from their experiences.

Easy Streamlining
As Rogers continues to grow, it is important that their learning platform continues to be a one-stop-shop for all of their e-learning needs. They keep things simple by offering total visibility on their dashboards and employee learning plans, to ensure a seamless and personalized experience.

Adapting to Specific Needs
Rogers now uses the functionality of their Docebo Learning Platform to tailor their learning programs to their various audiences. By adjusting Pages and Menus within the platform, they have been able to differentiate learner experiences to reflect the learning paths related to specific job titles.

In addition, Rogers has taken advantage of the Channels feature to encourage communication and community between counterparts at different locations. With this functionality, they’re able to collaborate through social learning and access resources that are necessary to their professional development.

UiPath – Best Achievement in Extended Enterprise Training

Better known for being the fastest-growing software company in history, UiPath launched their desktop automation product in 2015. With over 2,500 employees and 394,000 learners, their company mission is to accelerate human achievement in all areas. UiPath is a pioneer in its field and is present in 53 offices across 20 countries.

Due to the size of their audience, UiPath’s challenges were centralized around the democratization of technology, building capability, and scalability. To accommodate their growth, Uipath created corporate learning goals to introduce RPA developer training, reach as many learners as possible, improve user experience and engagement with content, and increase job proficiency.


RPA Developer Learning Path
After much hard work, the assignments and topics found in UiPath’s learning platform today require a thorough understanding of an RPA developer’s job proficiency. The learning path also includes an advanced level, which promotes on the job training so learners are able to learn in the flow of work. This program produced the first part of their success story with more than 40,000 learners enrolling in their plan within the first year alone.

Improving Job Proficiency
After setting up their RPA Developer learning path, over 500 developers were awarded with a certification of completion within the first year. The amount of interest that this program generated meant that UiPath was able to launch their first promotional campaign, making the course free of charge for everyone around the globe.

Their courses now offer a variety of engaged training which walks learners through job essentials, theoretical concepts, hands-on exercises and quizzes, and ultimately builds a foundational knowledge of UiPath’s features and technology.

Reaching Learners
UiPath’s goal to reach as many learners as possible was met after their second major release saw the addition of five new courses. By addressing a wider spectrum of the RFA industry, learners were able to choose their training based on their specific needs.

Within the last year, UiPath has seen a 100% increase in the number of enrolled users and their completion rate has skyrocketed. By the end of 2019, UiPath predicts that their learning efforts will reach 100,000 active learners per month.

We would like to personally thank all of our award winners for allowing us to share and celebrate their Docebo success stories. It was incredibly inspiring to hear how organizations are engaging their learners and delivering exceptional learning programs to their teams.