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The ROI of DoceboInspire 2019: Here’s What You Can Expect to Take Away

• 3 min read

From September 16-18, join top learning industry experts and technology theorists in the heart of Atlanta for an unforgettable DoceboInspire 2019. With over 30 sessions hosted by learning and development industry’s top influencers and insightful keynotes, you’ll learn from the top minds in the business and have the opportunity to share future-forward insights with peers.

This year, we reveal how we research and build our learning technology products, and explore a human-first approach to technology that puts individuals at the heart of its development.

With such an exciting schedule ahead, you may have overlooked setting objectives for your attendance – but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Here’s a breakdown of what you and your team can expect to take away this year.

1. Build Career-Long Connections

DoceboInspire is full of like-minded individuals and top learning academics, and we ensure that you are given ample opportunity to connect.

Share knowledge and best practices with a community of Docebo users, learn how other teams stay ahead of the learning curve and uncover ways to stay competitive by connecting with professionals with similar use cases.

This is your time to speak with leading learning and development professionals to learn about other teams’ launch experiences and problem-solving strategies – take the opportunity to assess your own strategy and compile fresh perspectives.

2. Sync Your Future L&D Strategy with Docebo’s Product Roadmap

Docebo prides itself on being at the cutting edge of technology. This year, you’ll hear first-hand from our product team and executive leadership about how we plan to grow our product and what to expect in the upcoming year.

In this exclusive look into our product roadmap, get insights on our new releases based on customer feedback and discover how you can scale your learning programs alongside our developments.

Be ambitious in your learning and development innovations and shape your company’s vision with the help of our 2019/2020 roadmap!

3. Get Your Ideas Heard by Our Product Team

Our team sees Docebo as a product built on customer feedback. We actively engage with our clients’ suggestions to improve our platform and work with various L&D teams to map out how we can adapt our software to help their companies succeed.

As Docebo customers have been a pivotal part of building our product, we relish the opportunity to connect with them in-person at DoceboInspire. We use this as our arena to provide solutions to common issues, discuss changes in the market, and map out where we see future success.

It’s a rare chance to not only meet the minds that drive this product, but also receive first-hand insights on specific Docebo features and push ideas to the front line of development.

4. Uncover and Adopt New Techniques

Join Docebo gurus and industry experts for talks on everything L&D.

You’ll learn everything from how to use the power of AI to your advantage, to how to adopt the best learning framework, to realizing the impact of social learning.

Be at the forefront of the learning sphere and uncover what new techniques you should be adopting to ensure the success of your training program in 2020 and beyond.

5. Discover Ways to Save Time and Improve User Adoption

Our breakout sessions and workshops enable you to get granular with targeted discussion-based forums.

At this year’s DoceboInspire, we will discuss specific features and workflows and unpack the best ways to configure your platform to save you time and increase learner adoption.

Here, you will be able to put the ideas voiced during speaker sessions into action, and learn how to incorporate these solutions into your learning strategy.

Join Us This September!

DoceboInspire is a space where we champion new ideas and push the limits of what learning platforms are capable of. Join industry leaders and a growing Docebo community in the heart of Atlanta from September 16-18 and get inspired!