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DoceboInspire: Empowering Women in L&D with Ginger Gregory

• 4 min read

DoceboInspire 2019, Docebo’s annual conference featuring top learning industry experts and technology theorists, is just around the corner.

From September 16-18 in Atlanta, Georgia, guests will gather to share their future-forward insights and learn from the top minds in the business. This year, guest speakers will discuss how we can define technology through a human lens and what this means for future e-learning advances.

Ginger Gregory, Instructional Design & Training Specialist at the Institute of Child Nutrition, gives us a sneak peek into what audiences can expect from her presentation in the panel The Women Leading The Way in L&D at this year’s DoceboInspire conference.


How have you seen the role of women in L&D change throughout your career?

When I started in L&D 15 years ago, eLearning was so new, yet women were already at the forefront.
It’s very natural for women to be in a learning and teaching role, so I think it’s just been a natural growth for women to lead the industry.

While women have always been at the forefront of Learning and Development, I think that they will continue to impact our industry collectively, along with all individuals in L&D.


How do you see women continuing to impact the L&D sector in future?

We’ll just continue to kick butt! I don’t see boundaries just because I am a woman – we’re just going to continue to learn and grow.

In this industry, things are ever changing, but I don’t think that’s going to stop us, it’s actually very motivating.

Although this panel is based around womens’ success, I don’t want to differentiate women and men in L&D – I think we want to succeed as individuals and continue to make an impact as a whole in the learning & development world.


Can you describe your role at the Institute of Child Nutrition and how learning is used there?

My title is Instructional Design and Training Specialist, which basically means that I manage everything to do with our e-learning.

Our course materials are provided by the subject matter experts, and I then manage the process of getting the courses developed for online learning and launched in our learning platform, as well as course updates and maintenance.

I’m also the go-to person for all things Docebo – I’m using the platform to reach our learners nationwide and ensure they are getting the professional development they need.


Can you give us a brief summary of what you will be discussing in your presentation?

I’m going to talk about some of the challenges I faced being a woman in L&D, how I keep my skills current, and some of the things that I wish others had told me when I started out. I’m also going to talk about some of the big successes that I’ve had in my career so far.

I’m really excited to give advice to those who want to go in a similar direction as I have, because I know if I was new to this industry, I would definitely want to hear that and learn from others’ mistakes and growth.


What do you hope attendees will take away from your session?

I hope they have fun and I hope they learn from everyone on the panel. For myself, one thing I’m super excited about at this conference is the opportunity to learn from others and being able to sit with someone at lunch and pick their brains. So, in having us on this panel, they are essentially going to get to listen to somebody pick our brains on how we’ve gotten where we are today.

It’s really beneficial to have people that you can talk to in other companies and bounce ideas off of, so I hope that they can take away what worked for us.


What is your take on this year’s theme? (Defining technology through a human lens)

This year’s theme is really interesting. My take is that we need to understand all of this awesome, ever-changing technology that we have at our fingertips, and find ways to use it to benefit us as humans and make learning fun!


Ginger Gregory has over 15 years of experience in developing e-learning solutions and, in her role at the Institute of Child Nutrition (ICN), focuses on managing the company’s LMS and developing and updating their e-learning courses. Ginger is passionate about providing meaningful e-learning to ICN’s target audiences as well as developing processes to streamline the many steps of course development with a growing team. Ginger leads the Instructional Training Design (ITD) team that helps provide e-learning courses to child nutrition programs across the nation.

Join Ginger and other industry leaders in the heart of Atlanta from September 16-18 for DoceboInspire 2019. Learn from the top minds in the business and share future-forward insights.