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How Mobile Apps Can Improve Your Learning Programs

• 3 min read

It would have been hard to believe 20 years ago, but it’s safe to say that we live the majority of our lives on our phones.

In fact, the average person looks at their phone more than 80 times a day. That’s 5 times an hour or every 12 minutes.

With all of us using mobile for anything from ordering food, finding a date, buying clothing, and watching movies, Google took notice and recently announced their mobile-first indexing strategy, where search results will now be indexed and ranked based on the mobile version of a website.

Our behaviors have impacted the world of business so much that now, websites will have to consider mobile before anything else if they want to be found by their customers.

So, how does this impact your learning strategy?

Just like businesses, if we want our learners to engage with our learning programs, we have to adapt to their behavior.

Today’s learners demand on-the-go learning, in areas without WIFI connectivity and time constraints. They want to listen to webinars while they drive to a sales call, or test their knowledge with exams while eating lunch in the park.

Just as Google responded to the behaviors of their users, so have we. Here’s our breakdown of Docebo’s mobile capabilities that help deliver learning programs with no limits.

Learning on-the-go With the Go.Learn App

The Docebo Go.Learn app was designed specifically with the learner in mind, giving them complete access to their learning platform from anywhere, exactly at the time they need it, and from the device of their choosing (iOS, Android).

Within the app, learners can easily attend courses, complete training materials, and take advantage of Docebo’s social learning capabilities by viewing and sharing learning assets across different channels.

Go.Learn also allows learning objects such as SCORM, videos, slide presentation, files, and HTML pages to be downloaded.

Did we mention that they can do all of this while offline, too?

Your learners’ progress is automatically tracked and synced with your learning platform when back online to promote uninterrupted learning.

Here at Docebo, we champion continuous learning experiences and, with our mobile app, progress is limitless.

Create Customized Mobile Learning Experiences

Although we love creating strong partnerships with our customers, we realize that sometimes the best option is being the silent partner.

The Docebo Mobile App Publisher, our on-demand mobile learning app builder, allows you to create your own app with your company’s branding and publish it in the Apple App and/or Google Play stores without the help of a third-party app developer.

The mobile app publisher is particularly useful for training partner channels and customers by helping to reinforce your corporate identity and deliver a seamless learning experience.

Check out our recent webinar on how to leverage Docebo’s Mobile App Publisher for your external training efforts.

Empower Your Subject Matter Experts

The Docebo mobile learning app also encourages learners to become active participants by allowing them to not only consume content at their leisure, no matter their location, but to also contribute content of their own and share it with their peers.

The responsibility of creating content no longer rests solely on your shoulders!

Take advantage of your Subject Matter Experts’ (SMEs) knowledge by encouraging them to shoot instructional videos on their mobile devices whenever they identify a need, or even in the flow of their work. These videos can then be validated through a peer-review process before being shared across the organization.

Not only can your experts take control of the learning journey, but your learners receive real-time and relevant instructions that reduce the need for in-person training.

Comments and questions also appear on the mobile app, allowing your SMEs to respond sooner, and without interrupting the learning experience.

Listen to Your Learners

With more than a third of the learner population having no access to a working mobile learning solution, but two-thirds saying mobile learning content is essential to their development, it’s time to start listening.

We did our research and developed mobile-first solutions designed to meet the wants and needs of your modern learners.

Take the first step in responding to your learners’ needs by test driving Docebo with our 14-day free trial today!