Alipay adds 500 million new customers for your LMS ecommerce business

• 2 min read

China is ready to learn, and with Alipay you can sell the knowledge they want

With the latest update, Docebo added support for China’s most used digital wallet service, Alipay. With one simple integration, Docebo added 500 million potential customers in China to your LMS hosted elearning ecommerce business.

Integrating Stripe and Alipay with the Docebo LMS adds tremendous value to our customers interested in selling their elearning materials in China. In the past, we’ve helped you sell your courses with a custom ecommerce app that allows you to price and organize your courses within the LMS.

Recently, we integrated with Shopify to further simplify your ecommerce business. Now we’re opening up the China elearning market for your ecommerce products.

The learning management system (LMS) market in China is expected to become a $124 million annual business by 2018 with an annual growth rate of 28.2%, according to recent research.

With Docebo’s new Alipay support, you can have a share of the massive LMS market in China through their 500 million users. Alipay, supported by Stripe Checkout, manages exchange rates and currently offers support for a dozen currencies, all from within the LMS.

Docebo’s localization tools feature simplified Chinese characters, allowing for easy translations of your learning content and the possibility to enter the LMS market in China.

Research shows China is hungry for elearning. Docebo is ready to help you satisfy that hunger with a powerful LMS meant to simplify your ecommerce efforts.

Schedule a customized demo to see how Docebo can grow your ecommerce training business with simple localization tools and Alipay integration.