Enable Effortless Log In with Docebo’s Facebook LMS Integration

• 1 min read

Log in to Docebo with Facebook single sign on for quicker, easier access to your LMS

Social networks like Facebook are a crucial part of our lives. According to Wikipedia, the amount of monthly active Facebook users has reached 1.79 billion, and is growing. So, the obvious conclusion is that there is a high chance your users are already using Facebook in the first place, and that they use it regularly.

What you might not know is there is a quick and easy way for your users to log into their LMS with an existing Facebook login.

Watch this short video to learn in three simple steps how the Facebook LMS integration works:

Please note that if you use corporate email addresses of you users to create accounts within the Docebo LMS, your users will need to add, confirm, and make default their corporate address within Facebook. But that can be done by reaching the settings here.

Want to see the Facebook-Docebo integration in action? Try Docebo free for two weeks. No commitment and no credit card required.