Level up your elearning gamification with Docebo’s Rewards Marketplace

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Enhance your elearning efforts with gamification and the new Docebo Rewards Marketplace

In the hit film “Office Space” the protagonist, Peter, says his only motivation to work is the fear of losing his job. That fear “will only make somebody work just hard enough to not get fired,” he says, asking simply, “Where’s the motivation?” It’s sad to say, but this fact is probably true for countless employees at many organizations. Peter makes a fair point in the cult classic: We all need motivation.

Applying this notion to training is no different. Employees will engage in the bare minimum of mandatory training unless they’re prompted to do more with the right tools. That’s why the Docebo learning management system (LMS) continues to be developed as a complete armory of learning technology to help encourage your employees to take charge of their own learning.

Employing elearning gamification for motivation

Docebo’s popular LMS gamification features create a healthy and competitive learning culture, and the new Rewards Marketplace takes this competitive edge to the next level.

With the new Rewards Marketplace, learners can earn tangible rewards in the elearning Gamification module by completing required and suggested training opportunities. Here’s a quick look at how the Rewards Marketplace works within Docebo’s elearning Gamification application:

Incentivize with LMS gamification based rewards

Administrators create a reward within the system, a $20 Amazon gift card or weekend trip to Paris for example, and assign a coin value to the reward. Learners then earn points and coins for completing training tasks in the elearning gamification module. They can use coins to purchase rewards within the system. An administrator can then accept or deny the reward request, while the marketplace automatically tracks the number of rewards available to prevent conflicts.

Although users earn points and coins, only coins are spent on rewards. A learner’s point level remains the same so that administrators and learners alike can quickly assess training success with a point-based leaderboard.

A small rewards investment can create tremendous revenue potential. Well trained employees perform their jobs better, so naturally, a sales person motivated by a $20 gift card may gain the knowledge necessary to close numerous high value deals. It’s a small investment with tremendous returns when paired with elearning gamification and a solid blended learning plan.

Let us show you how rewards can motivate your team to take charge of their own training success with a customized demonstration of the new Docebo 6.9 learning management system.