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E-Learning on Tablets… do it right and do it now!

• 2 min read

Mobile is the future of workplace learning. It is not just a statement, but something we believe in, as ‘Mobile learning‘ is transforming our societies, existing curricula for professionals, and the existing education system.

It is the intersection of mobile computing and E-Learning that includes anytime, anywhere resources, strong search capabilities, rich interaction, powerful support for effective learning, and performance-based assessment.

Tablet & Training

Modern mobile devices are highly sophisticated, and easy-to-use, technological tool that make it practical for virtually anyone to perform traditional tasks or learn new ones, through using this one physical device in a multitude of ways.

Building a mobile learning strategy

Timeliness, proximity, versatility: these are among the key measures of today’s high-impact learning organizations, and m-learning plays a critical role in helping organizations meet the demands of these measures. It’s imperative to have a mobile learning strategy, especially with emerging generations; this is why a smooth blend between learning, performance support, and productivity tools is so key.

Instructional designers need to run (not walk) away from classroom-based thinking to reach the point of providing short, quick, and business-focused learning points that are easily accessible when and where our learners need them. This means leveraging new technologies to deliver non-traditional instructions.

Tablets for Learning & Development

Tablets are no longer limited to entertainment purposes, like watching videos or playing games, but are actually a part of organizational L&D activities across businesses large and small. Tablets have been the fastest growing segment in the mobile devices category, predicted to surpass PC sales soon as well.

Tablet-based Learning provides a unique combination of ‘serious work’ and ‘mobility’ in a single device. With the introduction of hybrids and convertibles, this is becoming all the more true, in which it amazingly allows us to merge learning with work.

Tablet & E-Learning

Learning & Development individuals along with HR managers should re-think their Corporate (mobile) training strategy to identify the key success factors that will drive more adoption, and create the right culture to welcome tablet-based learning programs within their organizations.

In conclusion, tablets are growing within the enterprise, creating new computing paradigms, offering a unique blend of serious work with mobility, and becoming a serious game changer in the industry.

Docebo for Mobile Training on Tablets

In light of this, the Docebo Learning Management System comes with the intelligence and simplicity required for users to enable them to access their online training courses from a single-page web app, designed to be 100% compliant with tablets and mobile devices. Tablet-based Learning supports organizations in rolling out their mobile training programs anytime, anywhere and with no boundaries.

With its own authoring tool, Docebo allows any instructional designer to test their Tablet-based learning strategy (m-learning strategy) with incredible speed, breaking all the technological barriers with a single click. The authoring tool also allows you to import and convert any presentation to a tablet friendly format in one click. So any instructional designer, or teacher, can test their own training strategy without wasting time in search of the best authoring tool for mobile-ready learning content.