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Are Your Employees Faking It? [INFOGRAPHIC]

• 2 min read

The unspoken truth about your “qualified” workforce.

We’ve all heard the phrase, “fake it ‘til you make it,” but how many employees are actually “faking” it at work? 

The answer is more than you think (or would like to hear). 

You might be surprised to know that one in three employees in the U.S and U.K feel underqualified for their job, while another 33% fear that their boss or colleagues think the same about them. 

This is according to the Fake It Til’ You Make It Survey Report released by Docebo, which asked 2,400 employees in the U.S. and U.K about their confidence in their ability to excel at work. 

So, what’s causing this uncertainty among workers

Poor on-the-job training is a big contributor to the issue, with respondents saying learning tools are out of date and that they are more likely to tap Google as a go-to source for help instead of consulting a coworker, better known as social learning

How can you make sure your employees aren’t faking their knowledge? Check out the infographic below.

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