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5 Reasons Why You Should Empower Your Sales Team Using Online Training

• 3 min read

Discover how online sales training programs boost the performance of your sales team

Your sales team can make or break your bottom line. As such, you must provide them with the skills and information they require, even when they’re scattered around the globe.

In competitive markets, online training puts you on the cutting edge. eLearning technology is a versatile and robust tool that you can use to deploy and monitor your sales online training initiatives. From tracking sales performance to improving customer communications, sales online training programs empower sales teams and keep them at the top of their game. Here are 5 benefits of supporting your sales team through online training programs.

1. Develops Practical Sales Skills

Most virtual sales coaching programs require sales reps to sit through instructor-led speeches to learn how to navigate the sales process. These programs are not necessarily bad – however, curated training programs give you the power to help your staff develop practical skills that are based on real world applications.

Salespeople can participate in branching scenarios, online training simulations, and other interactive online training exercises that enhance their sales experience by putting information into context. For example, a serious game that helps your sales staff match products with the right customers enables sales trainees to move beyond theory and tie their training into real-life situations.

2. Builds Communication And Negotiation Skills

Your sales staff may know every product inside and out, but working directly with customers and clients is another matter. They must possess advanced communication and negotiation skills in order to connect with potential customers (and ultimately seal the deal).

One of the most effective tools for this task is a sales online training simulation that exposes salespeople to different customer personas. They must actively listen to a character’s needs and pay attention to nonverbal cues, like facial expressions. An online training simulation like this will allow sales trainees to sharpen their communication and negotiation skills so they can quickly and effectively apply them on the sales floor.

3. Offer Immediate Access To Task-Based Online Tutorials

The sales team is often geographically dispersed. Your staff may need to meet with clients and customers in different parts of the globe. eLearning technology gives you the ability to create responsive online training materials that can be accessed anytime, anywhere. As a result, sales employees can access task-based online tutorials on their mobile devices. The organization develops a master layout that is viewable on smartphones, tablets, and even wearable tech.

“Bite-sized” microlearning online tutorials are particularly useful for geographically dispersed sales teams. For example, a 3-minute online training video that focuses on the sales software or active listening skills is an ideal format for on-the-go online training.

4. Allows For Individualized Online Training Support

Technology-enabled sales online training programs allow for complete customization. Every member of your sales team gets the individualized support they need to reach their goals. This includes online training activities, online assessments, and multimedia.

Tech-savvy companies are able to provide targeted, personalized learning paths instead of relying on linear course navigation. Sales employees can simply click on their online training activity of choice to access just-in-time online training resources. Or, they can use online self-assessments to identify knowledge gaps and then choose the appropriate online training modules. In short, technology allows sales online training programs to be more flexible and adaptive.

5. Offers Up-To-Date Product Online Demos

Products and services may change or evolve over time. As such, your sales employees must have the most current product information in order to keep your customers informed. In traditional product knowledge courses, this is a costly endeavor. You have to reprint all of your materials, schedule more training sessions, and pay instructor travel expenses. However, tech-savvy companies harness the power of sales online training programs to provide immediate product updates. You can quickly revise your product online demos to reflect the latest features, specs, and benefits.

Sales online training programs can give your sales team the tools they need to become top sellers.