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Build an Enterprise Mobility Strategy that Engages Learners

• 2 min read

Embrace the mobile future by aligning L&D with enterprise mobility in corporate eLearning

Put your phone down for a moment and consider reading this post. Or, heck, maybe pick up your phone and read it. Because it’s one and the same, just delivery mechanisms, right?

It’s true – whether it’s for business or leisure, mobility is firmly embedded right into the framework of everyday existence. And mobile devices, mobile accessibility, and mobile conversations dominate the, well, conversation these days. It’s inescapable in our personal, day-to-day lives, and, increasingly, it’s inescapable in our business lives.

The Enterprise Mobile Dream Has Become The Reality – If You Want It Badly Enough

Remember when BlackBerry (among others) launched the first versions of personal digital assistants (PDAs) and what we now refer to as smartphones around 2002? While many believed the devices had potentially revolutionary qualities, it was hard for us to imagine that the trend they helped launch would radically reshape business only a decade later. That transformation has been enormous, and it continues to take shape and grow.

For example, over one billion smartphones ship around the globe every year, according to Stastia, and analysts at Gartner predict that nearly 70% of working professionals will execute work-related functions from their personal devices by next year.

In so many avenues of business, leaders and learners are learning that smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices will only gain increasing relevance, and this plays out considerably in learning and development (L&D).

Yet what is remarkable is that so many companies lament the efficacy of their mobile programs, and even L&D strategies in general. Well, now is no time for lamentation. Now is the time to build a mobile learning strategy that aligns with business and L&D objectives, and does so in a way that is measurably, objectively performance-based.

Which is why we encourage you to download our new white paper: Embracing the Mobile Future: Aligning L&D with the Rising Shift Towards Enterprise Mobility in Corporate eLearning. In addition to providing some context on the growing, global role of mobility in eLearning, we build out a plan for developing a comprehensive mobile learning strategy that can achieve executive level buy in.

So get the free report today and let us know what you think. Remember: Mobile is the inevitable future, and that future is actually now.

Download our free report to learn how enterprise mobility is now a must-have in eLearning.