How European businesses can future-proof learning

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The way we learn is a reflection of the times we live in – and in no other time have we relied more on remote training.

COVID-19 is just one of the many global events that have affected the way we think strategically about e-learning and remote learning.

Even before the pandemic, significant advances in technology over the past few decades have opened doors for new methods of online training and new types of training programs, such as social learning, new forms of remote training, and, of course, mobile learning. Now, the sky is the limit; your learning management system is the key to providing remote training that directly impacts your bottom line.

What we know for certain is that change is a guarantee and we must be ready to ride those waves of change (and make impactful adjustments to learning strategies and on-demand training sessions in your LMS).

One thing to remember is that, though changes can be big, they don’t need to be scary. They can actually enhance the learning experience and result in training sessions that your learners remember (and hype up in Slack!). When we stay committed to maintaining a future-proof state of e-learning and updating our training programs to match, big shifts are more positive than disruptive. Online learning doesn’t care about time zones and reaches all remote workers in real-time, no matter where they are.

Whether its hosting more webinars with video conferencing tools for remote employees, providing more engaging training materials, providing virtual training, or honing in on the learning experience to reduce the amount of face-to-face training, remote training is here to save the day.

Want to see what we mean in practice before you let rip on your training programs? We heard from Fosway Group, Europe’s #1 HR industry analyst on how to tighten your business mindset and future proof your learning efforts for your team members with remote learning for your remote teams. Explore the remote training infographic below or listen to the recording to get practical advice on:


  • How to pivot your e-learning model to incorporate remote training sessions
  • Predictable drivers on e-learning based on the last 20 years
  • Core components of online training strategies
  • How to use effective training and data to drive investment



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