How an Extended Enterprise LMS Supports a Positive Customer Experience

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5 Ways You Can Improve Customer Satisfaction with eLearning for Your Channel Partners

Your Learning Management System (LMS) has many benefits that can (and should) be extended to your partners and resellers. An extended enterprise LMS can help you deploy and track online sales training and provides channel partners with the product knowledge they need to be able to accurately represent your brand.

What you may not have considered is how your customers benefit when you make your eLearning materials available outside of your immediate organization. Well, if customer satisfaction scores are a priority for your company, here are the top 5 reasons why you need to take advantage of an extended enterprise Learning Management System ASAP!

1. Ensure That All Partners Uphold Company Standards

Your company takes pride in its reputation, earned through a proven track record of superior customer service and ethical practices. As an extension of your brand your partners will benefit from that reputation, but they also must accept a certain level of responsible for it. According to a report by Thomson Reuters and Interbrand, 75% of the average corporation’s value today is intangible – meaning that your business’s most valuable asset is its brand and reputation.

An extended enterprise LMS ensures that every person representing your company is aware of company policies and protocols, brand messaging and any additional standards they must uphold. As a result, your customers will be more likely to receive the same quality service they expect and deserve from representatives of your organization.

2. Help Customers Make Informed Buying Decisions

Informed sales partners = informed customers. An extended enterprise LMS gives your resellers and franchisees direct access to online training materials. This includes product online demos, compliance online training courses and more. As a result, they have access to valuable knowledge they can pass on to the client or customer.

3. Deliver Product Knowledge Updates To Everyone Instantly

In the past, sales channel partners were the last to know when a new product line hit the market or refreshed marketing collateral became available. But thanks to modern Learning Management Systems, you can now deploy timely online training to your partners at the same time it is received by your employees. This allows partners to inform customers and clients of new features and benefits as soon as possible, ensuring all customers receive the same up-to-date information, regardless of who they speak with.

4. Target Specific Customer Service Issues

Many Learning Management Systems feature reporting and analytics that monitor partner performance. You can use this data to pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of your resellers and franchisees, and address these areas to improve customer experience.

For example, if a member of your extended sales team isn’t hitting targets, an online training simulation could help you assess their skills, identify the area of concern, and deliver targeted training to address the problem. In this way an extended enterprise LMS can assist in identifying and correcting customer service gaps.

5. Give Partners The Troubleshooting Tools They Require.

Your partners must be able to address common issues and reassure valued customers when they reach out for assistance. An extended enterprise LMS can provide the rapid online training resources required to handle these types of requests, such as bite-size online presentations and branching scenarios. These just-in-time tools are quick and convenient. As a result, partners can use them in the field to remedy problems more quickly and effectively, leaving the customer feeling more positively about their experience.

Effective training is always critical to customer satisfaction, but especially when it comes to extended partners who may not have direct access to your corporate Learning Management System. An extended enterprise LMS allows you to keep them informed about your products, services and compliance protocols, so that they can deliver a better experience to your customers.

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