Activate the Docebo + Elucidat integration to seamlessly import eLearning projects to your LMS

• 2 min read

Docebo users who rely on Elucidat for creating eLearning courses will be happy to know the two applications can now work seamlessly together.

By integrating a cloud-based content authoring tool with an LMS, users can access their content without having to worry about software configurations. Single sign-on and infinite control over look and feel provide endless design opportunities.

The Docebo plus Elucidat integration is free, but it requires an Elucidat subscription to get started. Visit the Knowledge Base to learn how to install the app in Docebo. If you already have an Elucidat account, start your 14-day Docebo trial to take the integration for a spin.

Docebo’s Elucidat app is good news for the eLearning novice as well as more seasoned LMS experts — it takes just a few short steps to import course content to Docebo, or to launch Elucidat to create a new project.

The easy-to-manage integration makes it easy to produce appealing and interactive learning objects. We’ve stripped away limitations on size and bandwidth to ensure a smooth and reliable process, while freeing you from having to worry about Tin Can (xAPI) or SCORM compliance each time.

Learning content is automatically updated (manage this in Docebo’s settings). To save you even more time, Elucidat’s Rapid Release republishing feature quickly updates content without the need to re-upload any SCORM files, helping you deliver great eLearning, fast.

Already have an Elucidat account? See how easy it is to use with Docebo by starting your free trial.