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Get Essential Learning Results with This Exclusive Report on 70:20:10

• 2 min read

Get learning and development into the 21st century with this essential report on 70:20:10

If you’re an expert in learning and development (L&D), chances are you’ve heard about the 70:20:10 framework at some point. But is it just a series of numbers to you, or does it mean something more? Have you brushed it aside, or is it a functional, new way of approaching learning programs?

These are all issues addressed in the key voice on the whole 70:20:10 movement itself: the 70:20:10 Institute. And available exclusively through Docebo, the Institute’s new report, the 70:20:10 Primer, is a key first step in taking your L&D strategy to the next level.

Learning too important to rely on…the training department?

In its critical first assessment of the whole 70:20:10 approach, the report cites Jay Cross, a longstanding leader in informal learning, and his pronunciation that “Learning in organisations is too important to delegate to the training department.”

Sounds counterintuitive, right? Shouldn’t we all rely on the training department within our organizations to facilitate learning? Well, to learn more we asked Charles Jennings, co-founder of the 70:20:10 Institute, four key questions on the role of 70:20:10, technology, and learning management systems. Watch the video below for his answers.

Some areas addressed in the essential 70:20:10 Primer include:

  • Why informal learning could be more important than traditional, formal learning.
  • The essential tasks that actually result in learning.
  • What the 70:20:10 approach actually is and, more importantly, what it is not.
  • How 70:20:10 supports both informal and formal learning.
  • The numbers behind the 70:20:10 approach, collected over four decades, and how they support this increasingly essential form of learning.

This report is a great resource for those who have no or limited exposure to 70:20:10. It’s a gateway to the gains to productivity and engagement that can be found by aligning to the same approach that leading companies around the world have used for years.

Download the free 70:20:10 Primer today and learn the fundamentals of how to take your organizational learning programs to the next level.