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How to Cultivate a Culture of Learning in Your Organization [REPORT]

• 2 min read

If a culture of learning has such obvious benefits, why do only 31% of companies have it?

A workplace where learning is a valued way of life, knowledge is readily shared, and performance steadily improves – at both individual and organizational levels – is the vision that drives companies to establish and expand a culture of learning. Organizations become more competitive, agile, and engaged when knowledge is constantly and freely shared.

However, despite the obvious benefits, only 31% of organizations have well-developed learning cultures. This is in the face of the fact top performers are five times more likely to have a culture of learning. So the correlation is clear.

New research from the Association for Talent Development (ATD) and the Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp) shows us that robust cultures of learning are distinct hallmarks of organizations that consistently produce the best business results – companies that lead the world’s markets in revenue growth, profitability, market share, and customer satisfaction.

Digging Into a Culture of Learning

Through the lens of high performance, ATD and i4cp have explored the practices talent development leaders are applying to drive vibrant learning cultures at organizations like Marriott International, SAP, Merck, and other successful businesses. The research identifies actions business leaders in top companies take to support those cultures, looks at the roles played by employees, and the constructive contributions to be gained from effective talent management processes.

Characteristics that define learning cultures can vary, but talent development leaders described such essential traits as closely aligned business and learning strategies, organizational values that affirm learning’s importance, and an atmosphere in which learning is so ingrained that it simply becomes “a way of life.” In such organizations, agility is more evident and change is not only embraced but exploited, while employees develop growth mindsets and seek out new opportunities to learn and to share knowledge with their colleagues.

This and more is covered in a recently released white paper sponsored by Paradigm Learning and ATD and presented by Docebo and OpenSesame. Building a Culture of Learning: The Foundation of a Successful Organization features data collected from a survey of 832 talent development professionals and outlines the importance of a culture of learning and tips on how to implement one at your organization.

Download this exclusive report today and launch your organization’s journey towards a culture of learning.