How The IGA Institute is Helping Retailers Enhance Customer Service Using Docebo

• 2 min read

The IGA Institute needed a shift in organizational culture to enhance customer service – it turned to Docebo to make it happen.

The The IGA Institute is a people development organization dedicated to providing learning resources for more than 10,000 food retailers worldwide.

In the grocery industry, the expectation for great customer service is a constant challenge and the root of good (and bad) customer service is organizational culture. The IGA Institute recognized this and sought to implement a training strategy using the Docebo learning platform that would refine store culture.

Building a knowledge sharing culture to boost customer service

After a period of research into the key behaviors that demonstrated great customer service, IGA developed its ‘Way to Care’ program. The program offers resources, support and guidance to enhance stores’ shopping experience and meet the levels of industry leaders.

Facilitating effective communication and collaboration with Docebo has eased the ability for people to learn by interacting with their peers, managers, or experts in their organizations.

This has helped managers build an engaged team and service culture, while also supporting leaders in managing and tracking their associates’ learning process.Learn how The IGA Institute is using Docebo to engage learners and drive customer service results.