Increase Revenue with Your Extended Enterprise LMS by Enabling Partners & Customers

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58% of organizations say extended enterprise learning reduces training costs

An organization’s learning management system is often known as a cost center. However, more and more businesses are starting to see the value in providing training beyond the “four walls” of their internal employees, consequently turning their LMS into a revenue center.

Enable Nonemployees with Your LMS

Expanding training to nonemployees (also known as extended enterprise learning) can provide a number of business benefits, such as increased revenue, decreased costs, and improved productivity. For example, according to Brandon Hall Group’s Extended Enterprise 2017 survey, 30% of those surveyed say that extended enterprise learning covers more than 50% of the costs of their learning technology.

Some examples of extended enterprise learning include partner training and certification, dealer/franchise onboarding, a customer training academy, contract workforce compliance training, and so on.

Getting Started with Extended Enterprise Learning

Launching learning for the extended enterprise isn’t as difficult as you might think. You’ll need learning content targeted to your external learning audience, an extended enterprise LMS, and most importantly, a business case to gain buy-in from your executive team to support your extended enterprise learning initiative.

Fuel your business case for extended enterprise learning by reading our short paper, Extended Enterprise Learning: Increase Revenue by Enabling Partners, Customers, and Other Learning Audiences. You will learn:

  • What’s involved when enabling partners, customers, and other learning audiences
  • How to launch an extended enterprise learning initiative at your organization
  • How extended enterprise learning helps businesses increase revenue, decrease costs, improve productivity, and more!

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