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What You Need to Do to Gain Internal Buy-In for a New LMS

• 1 min read

Here’s everything you need to gain executive buy-in for your LMS project

Understanding the benefits that a learning management system can bring to your organization is easy. The challenge? Communicating those benefits to the key decision-makers at your organization and convincing them to invest in your LMS project. After all, you’re not just making the case for implementing new technology… you’re introducing organizational change and potentially disrupting your company’s processes and workflows.

The conversation(s) you’ll need to have with your executive team are going to involve a lot of preparation on your end if you want to successfully gain buy-in (and ultimately, launch your LMS project). Fortunately, we’re here to help – watch the short video below to learn more.

We put together the LMS Project Toolkit to help you prepare the materials you’ll need to convince your executive team that it’s time to introduce new learning technology (or, replace your organization’s current LMS). Start building your case – download the toolkit today!

Get everything you need to convince your executive team that it’s time to implement a new LMS, including a presentation template, an ROI checklist, and more.