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Why Your Learning Platform is The Key to Enabling Sales Performance

• 2 min read

Use your learning platform to maximize the value of each and every buyer interaction

While meeting revenue targets sits on the shoulders of each department across an organization, its sales staff are those people on the front lines, leveraging the insights and support from other departments to work with prospects and customer to uncover what they want, create solutions to their issues and ensure a smooth sales process.

After all, the better an organization’s sales team performs, the more people will know about that organization and what it does to continually expand an awareness that generates more and more business.

But without the right tools, your sales staff cannot perform – or develop. This is why sales enablement is so important to the ongoing success of any sales organization and that means getting the right information into the hands of sales people at exactly the right time.

Yet, sales enablement remains a common issue at enterprises around the world. As competition increases and revenue targets become more aggressive, the pressure on sales teams is stronger than ever, requiring  the support of the L&D team to serve them the content, tools, knowledge and skills they need to be most effective.

Learning, particularly the way people learn, has changed.

Effective sales enablement in today’s business environment recognizes that sales training can’t depend solely on formal and event-based modalities, and instead must embrace a blended approach that combines formal, social and experiential learning to not only equip sales people with the right information, but also boost engagement and foster a healthy sense of competition among them.

Docebo’s exciting new whitepaper covers a number of insights, including:

  • Why your existing sales training strategy might not be working
  • Why your learning platform is the tool you need to boost sales enablement
  • How learning-in-the-flow-of work boosts knowledge retention and learner engagement

Uncover the insights you need to turn your learning platform into a sales enablement machine!