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Build the map that lets your learners Discover, Coach & Share

• 5 min read

Build the map that lets your learners Discover, Coach & Share

Learning is an ongoing discovery. One that takes us down winding learning paths and allows us to uncover exciting new insights.

Can you even begin to imagine the wealth of knowledge that is out there waiting to be discovered?

On their learning journey, your learners are explorers of a new land; each on their own adventure, but in need of help from their peers every now and then on how to get over certain branches or fight their way through the thicket.

Once they make it through and find what they’re looking for, they need you to create the map that leads others to the same discoveries.

It’s clear that I am painting an ideal picture – one where learners are naturally engaged, able to easily share their knowledge with colleagues, ask questions of those who have more expertise whenever they need help, and have you, the L&D pro, curate all of the content out there, without having to look to resources outside of your learning platform.

Nice dream, but not how it traditionally goes…

The Problem With Your Current Adventure

Your Traditional LMS Focuses on Structured, Formal Training Programs.
While there’s a need for corporate training (onboarding, compliance, etc), formal learning can make it difficult for learners to access info beyond the courses themselves – when they really need it, on the job. People learn best hands-on and by working with peers and managers, which is something that cannot be supported by a traditional LMS.

You are Unable to House Critical Business Knowledge in a Place Where it can be Easily Found.
Where do employees go for information that is critical to perform the task at hand? They don’t take formal courses to get this information. Instead they search outside of your learning platform or seek out those few individuals they know as experts within the organization.

Not only does this mean that you lose any insights that your learners gain, but you also take up valuable time from your Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).

Which leads us to the next pain point…

Your Workforce is not Empowered to Share Their Expertise.
This problem is all too common – you have specific SMEs that are busy and perform tasks within your company that others can’t.

What happens when they are out of office, or too busy to perform those tasks? This doesn’t scale and it burns out your experts. How can they share what they know company-wide to empower others to take on these tasks as well?

Your Employees, Partners, and Customers Don’t Have a Central Place to ask Questions & get Answers.
How much important business info is stored inside thousands of long email threads limited to the eyes of certain people? Similarly, how can you capture what individuals learn in the field and on the job everyday?

Documenting this knowledge and making it readily available within your organization safeguards it against employee turnover and is necessary for large businesses, but where do you start?

Your Learners are Using Google and LinkedIn to Find Content Relevant to Their Careers.
This is a sore spot…

Admins spend hours every week creating and maintaining content for training programs, but employees, partners or customers are still more engaged with content they’re finding outside of the platform, such as articles shared on LinkedIn or simply by Google.

Behaviour like this shows that they’re not finding that timely and relevant content within their learning platform.

Your L&D Admins Don’t Have Time to Curate all of the Content That is Available out There.
Content is one of the biggest struggles L&D professionals face today – creating, maintaining, curating, and managing it, as well as getting the right content in front of the right learners.

The content that does make it into a learning platform is put there by Admins themselves (either by creating it, importing it, curating it, etc.) or, for LMS platforms with a social sharing feature, learners can add it into their platforms themselves.

Any content beyond this has to be accessed elsewhere, meaning that learners are switching in and out of their platform to uncover relevant content for a fuller learning experience.

This can lead to a distracted or unmotivated workforce that just isn’t finding the relevant and personalized experience they want and need in one place.

It’s Time for Change – How Docebo Discover, Coach & Share Solves These Problems


Support Learning as it Happens – on the job, Beyond Formal Training
Discover, Coach & Share enables learning in the flow of work, not just when your employees are onboarding.

It helps you boost engagement by letting learners contribute their own content, discover curated content focused on their professional development, build personal content playlists, and share questions and answers for a holistic social learning experience.

Make Critical Knowledge Accessible & Readily Available
Give your workforce the tools they need to capture, share, and discover curated knowledge across your org – on their own and in a matter of minutes.

Artificial Intelligence crawls each piece of content to understand it, generates a list of learners who are most likely to benefit from it, and deepens the platform’s search so content is easy to discover directly at the point of need.

Empower Your Best Employees to Share Their Expertise
Unlock your learners’ expertise, encourage them to share their insights, validate it with peer-review, and share it across teams.

Record demos, lectures, webinars, demos and calls directly in the platform to create and share video content with peers without juggling multiple tools to deliver.

Point Your Learners to a Single, Centralized Place to ask Questions
Give thousands of users a single place to ask questions to your organization’s experts and receive answers.

House and publish the conversations for all, giving a relevant and personalized learning experience that keeps your learners engaged and supported in the flow of work.

Keep Your Learners Engaged by Creating a Single Source of Personalized Content
Eliminate the need to jump in and out of the platform to find relevant content that spurs engagement and promotes professional growth.

Like Facebook or Instagram, users won’t engage in the platform if they don’t find something that interests them.

Curated content can then be shared among users, who can invite each other to check the content out and add it to their personal playlists.

Relieve Admins From Curating Personalized Content for Every Learner
Provide a high-quality, personalized, curated content stream that updates with fresh content every few hours, eliminating the time Admins would otherwise take searching for the most recent, relevant content for each user.

Empower your workforce to decide what skills they want to develop, then let the platform drive engagement and personal growth through related content based on those skills.

As you can seen – having the right technology in place to support your efforts is key to creating an environment that allows your people and your business to flourish.

See how Discover, Coach & Share can provide personalized content to your learners, while empowering them to share their own knowledge, and highlight your Subject Matter Experts by allowing them to answer questions and share their expertise company-wide.

Discover where Docebo can take you.