Docebo Makes Free COVID-19 Educational Resources Available in All Customer and Trial Platforms Today

• 2 min read

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the global economy and population in ways we haven’t seen before. It has also made us all rethink how we work, learn and move.

Docebo was founded in Italy in March 2005 and our office is near Milano. With Italy being the most affected country after China, this has hit very close to home for us.

As a global company with learning at our core, Docebo feels strongly about contributing what we do best during times like these: helping companies deliver the right educational resources, at the right time, to your people around the world.

Our commitment to our customers

For our customers and those with or about to start a free trial, we have added four new, free courses to the Docebo Content Catalog, with the support of GO1.

These courses include:

  • “Coronavirus Infection Control” by Echo3 Education

This short course provides an understanding of what Coronavirus is and how to reduce the risk of infection spreading in your workplace.

  • “10 Minute Pandemic Awareness” by Learning Planet

This 10-minute video explains what a pandemic is and five specific things you can do to help yourself and others.

  • “Infection Prevention and Control” by Sentrient

This course covers basic hygiene and how to prevent and control the spread of infection in the workplace.

  • “COVID-19 Heath Care/Aged Care” by CQI Internet Solutions Pty Ltd

Covers answers to: What do we know so far? How is it spread? Who is at risk from the virus? What are the symptoms? How can I best protect myself and others?

How to access these courses

Administrators in the Docebo Learning Platform (both customers and those within a trial) will now find these courses in the Docebo Content catalog, accessed via the Docebo Marketplace, and can import them as learning objects or courses.

You can then enroll your learners to watch the content. For existing Docebo customers, if you have Docebo Content 50 or Docebo Content 700, your learners with visibility to the Docebo Content catalog will also see these courses and then enroll themselves.

What if you’re not a customer?

Providing your people and your business with the most up-to-date and relevant information, shouldn’t be held back by any barriers. Docebo is committed to providing assistance to the global community as organizations face the challenges presented with new operational realities.

Those who start a Docebo trial, as well as those who have started one already, will now find these courses in their Docebo Content catalog, accessed via the Docebo Marketplace.

You can import the courses as learning objects or as courses, and enroll learners to watch the content.

As the COVID-19 situation evolves, Docebo will continue to support all organizations in addressing this global challenge.

Stay safe everyone, and let’s kick this virus together!





Claudio Erba
CEO & Founder