Making the Case for an LMS in Green Technology

• 2 min read

L&D in the Greentech Space

As the largest single producer of environmental technologies in the world, the United States represents 29% of this $1.05 trillion global market. With this in mind, there’s no question that the sector is growing – and growing fast.

From solar panels to smart appliances, renewable energy to sustainable solutions, and non-toxic consumer and industrial products to resource sharing, the emergence of the green technology space reflects B2B and B2C trends towards cradle-to-grave product lifecycle management.

Individual consumers are also becoming  increasingly aware of the devastating impacts of our collective reliance on fossil fuels and the wasteful industrial practices and processes that have become engrained in our society.

Enter, green technology.

But, the as this growing sector reaches maturity, training and development, compliance, and talent retention all become crucial for achieving success.

To help chart the course of your green technology company’s success, we’ve developed a sector specific business case for the green tech space that helps you build your case for bringing in a learning technology solution.

Download the business case now to explore some of the current challenges facing the sector and how Docebo can help you manage and mitigate the obstacles in your path so you can grow your business.

Download our Green Technology Business Case