LMS User Experience Defines Success or Failure in eLearning Initiatives

• 1 min read

Learner experience is the defining element of a successful eLearning program

When a learning and development leader enters the new LMS conversation, there are many factors to consider. Will the LMS work well with existing systems? How will it handle content? Will learners be able to access it wherever, whenever?

All valid questions, and all good things to consider during the buying journey. However, as we have highlighted a number of times before, ultimately learner experience (LX) is the weakest link in the eLearning chain.

To that end, we’ve just released a paper highlighting the role of user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) for learners. Take a look at the brief video below for an introduction.

As highlighted above, the top reason organizations seek to replace an LMS is user experience. So, have you looked at you own LMS recently? How does your own user experience add up? Remember, your learners will thank you if they have an LMS they love to use.

Are you providing your learners a sufficient learner experience? Download our Light Paper to ensure you are providing your learners with the best possible learning experience.