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How video embedding on your LMS can help inspire your learners

• 2 min read

How video embedding on your LMS can help inspire your learners and boost retention

As social creatures, much of our learning is derived from observing and being observed by others. This social learning is becoming increasingly important for learning and development in the modern workplace. For this reason, having a learning management system (LMS) that utilizes embedded video is invaluable.

Importance of collaborative learning

This type of social learning is oftentimes underutilized due to concerns of being too time consuming and costly. An LMS with the right integrations will assuage both of these concerns.

An elearning platform that utilizes collaborative learning is important because it allows experts to share their knowledge with knowledge seekers easily. This knowledge transfer is essential to a positive user engagement, and a positive user engagement is correlated with employee retention.

How video embedding can help

Learning management systems that offer video embedding are great for elearning because they break up the monotony of traditional learning and they keep users engaged. A Video LMS that tracks a user’s completion is essential because it prevents users from fast forwarding through a course, or worse, skipping it altogether.

Videos that are embedded from social media platforms are useful because they allow peers to leave constructive feedback and share their knowledge of the topic.

Docebo’s next update will allow administrators the ability to embed videos into courses using Youtube, Vimeo and Wistia. You can embed videos in your platform, which will lessen distractions by allowing your learners to play content directly in your Video LMS, instead of launching the videos to their respective webpages. Also, completion tracking and bookmarking will be supported in Docebo 6.9.

Does your current LMS offer video embedding? Docebo 6.9 is coming soon for existing and future customers.