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The Top #LT17uk Tweets: Ideas and Insights from Influencers

• 4 min read

The tweets that got us talking following this week’s Learning Technologies 2017 conference

It’s been quite a week for the L&D industry! With a fantastic lineup of speakers, lots to see and do on the exhibition floor, and some fantastic conversation generated both at the conference and online in the Twitterverse, Learning Technologies 2017 certainly did not disappoint.

We’re sure that we will be kept busy for weeks to come, reading follow-up articles inspired by the conference and mulling over the takeaways in our minds. But for now, let’s keep the discussion going with a look back at some of the top tweets to come out the event.

While there was a lot of great discussion, we’ve picked out a few of the tweets that we think highlight some important or emerging themes in the industry. Don’t be surprised if you see a lot of these ideas and insights being explored further!

This one tweet from David Wilson, CEO of Fosway Group, has enough insight and information to keep the L&D industry buzzing for a long time! Covering drivers of digital learning, changes in L&D investment and much more, this research reflects the pulse of the industry right now.

Known for her eye-grabbing illustrations of core learning concepts, the Founder of How to Accelerate Learning, Krystyna Gadd, nicely captured the takeaways of Deborah Frances-White’s well-received presentation on how learning benefits from storytelling. We’d highly recommend spending some time looking at the other drawings tweeted by Krystyna over the course of the week!

It seems these days that change is a constant, and the most successful learning professionals are finding ways to adapt to that new reality. Figuring out how to respond to change better and faster may be a future differentiator, and Laura Overton, Towards Maturity’s CEO and Founder, is ready to lead that charge.

Speaker Harold Jarche included this slide in his session on future learning and personal knowledge mastery. Captured by organisational consultant Julie Drybrough, it’s an excellent reminder that we shouldn’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good. Models are not gospel, but they can often be useful references that can point learning professionals in the right direction.

Julian Todd, author of the “Social Leadership Handbook” and founder of Sea Salt Learning, draws connections between trust and engagement. Trust is essential to a learning culture, because to learn you must admit you don’t know everything – and that requires openness and vulnerability. Examining how your organization can foster trust may be a unique path to learner engagement.

As official queen of the LT17uk backchannel, Fosway’s Content and Communications Manager Kate Graham was probably the most prolific of tweeters over the past couple days. But it’s clear this question struck a chord with the Learning Technologies audience who heard Dr. Tobias Kiefer speak on the (perhaps uncertain) future role of the L&D department.

We’ll cap off the list with Sunder Ramachandran, who does a really nice job of breaking down the top themes he observed at the LT17uk conference. He quotes one of the speakers he saw on Day 1, who suggested that while trainers will never be replaced by technology, they must embrace technology to remain relevant in the years to come. Couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

One last bonus tweet! This one isn’t particularly insightful or informative – just a heartfelt thank you, from our team to yours. We had a great conference, and we hope you did too!

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