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How To Take Your Mobile Learning Experience To The Next Level

• 3 min read

There is little doubt about the value of mobile learning, especially with Millennials and Gen Z now making up the majority of the workforce.

In fact, over 70% of millennials say that they connect more with mobile learning than L&D activities delivered via desktop or formal methods and many learning technology companies have responded with mobile apps.

According to leading analyst firm Towards Maturity, almost two-thirds of learners say accessing training content from a mobile device is essential to a strong learning experience. But just because you provide learners with the means to access learning on a mobile device doesn’t mean it’s living up to its full potential.

A mobile app is only part of delivering an incredible mobile learning experience. A branded mobile app is an opportunity to maximize brand identity and align all your learners, whether internal or external, with your brand.

What Do We Mean By A Branded Mobile App?

Typical mobile apps from learning technology vendors generally offer some sort of personalization capabilities after you’ve installed and logged into the learning platform’s app, such as changing the images, logo and colors to match a company’s branding.

But this means learners have to first search for the learning vendor’s name in a mobile app store, download an app from an unfamiliar company and insert the URL of their company’s learning platform into the app to start learning on the go.

On the other hand, some companies may use the APIs from their LMS to create their own customized learning app. Doing so, however, requires a huge investment (upwards of $100K) and lots of technical information that most L&D departments simply don’t have, leading to a very expensive, chaotic and time-consuming process.

A branded mobile app allows you to completely customize the look and feel of your app by changing colors, logos, images, giving it a unique name, then publishing it from your developer account in the Google Play, Apple App store or Apple Enterprise store.

This creates a seamless brand experience by ensuring your organization’s identity is front and center both when learners go looking for the app and while they are engaging with it.

Introducing: The Docebo Mobile App Publisher

The need to take mobile learning beyond a stock app experience, in a simple and straightforward way, was the driver behind the new Docebo Mobile App Publisher – an on-demand mobile app builder that empowers you to make mobile learning your own.

Brand your own app and publish it in the Apple App Store and Google Play store – or in your own Apple Enterprise store – to better reflect your corporate identity within your mobile learning activities – quickly and without the help of a third-party app developer. You’ll also have the ability to customize the app’s download page within those stores by adding your own images and description.

The on-demand app builder provides the app structure, based on the award-winning Docebo Go.Learn mobile learning app, implementation services, and branding personalization to produce a continuous learning experience.

Because your app will be built on the Go.Learn app structure, your mobile learning app will tap into the power of social learning on the go by empowering learners to capture, upload and share their own content.

And If your training activities cover external use cases, such as partners and customers, you can build multiple mobile apps with their own domains to ensure those learners are aligned with your brand, product and services with certifications and training programs that are accessible anytime, anywhere.

With Docebo’s Mobile App Publisher, companies can:

  • Reach further across their extended enterprise with a frictionless and uninterrupted learning experience that spans multiple devices and modalities.
  • Reinforce their brand while enabling learning on-the-go in their workforce.
  • Establish a strong visual identity with their mobile learning program.
  • Power their partner channels through continuous mobile learning.
  • Publish multiple mobile apps (with their own domains) for all their different target audiences.

Embrace learning personalization from the brand to the learner and admin experience with an enterprise learning platform that lets learners take a fully branded mobile learning experience on-the-go.