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The new Docebo Learning Management System is here!

• 1 min read

We have just launched the coolest and most disruptive E-Learning environment ever created – But hey, you don’t have to take our word for it: start now your Docebo free trial and discover how we totally changed the concept itself of Learning Management System!

1. Tablet Compliance

Unleash your training potentials, make it agile and with no boundaries. Docebo supports you anytime, anywhere, for your mobile training sessions

Tablet Mobile

2. Smart Design

Everything your learners need, in one single, great overview – we brought the Facebook simplicity into an LMS!

Smart Design E-Learning

3. White-labeling

Easily rebrand the Docebo E-Learning platform for your business purposes, choose from an extensive set of themes and graphic elements, and sell it to your customers


4. Simple interface

The new Admin area gives you full control on your Training Project, with step-by-step tips guide and drag & drop widgets management

Simple Interface

5. Ready to Go? Need Help?