We’ve Entered a New Generation of Enterprise Learning

• 1 min read

Technology continues to evolve and enhance enterprise learning activities – what’s next for L&D?

In just the past few years, learning technology has evolved from a simple LMS, designed to house and manage learning content, to cloud-based systems that offered new functionalities designed to bring organizations closer together, no matter their location, and deliver stronger security functionalities. 

But as technologies outside of L&D continue to advance, this is sparking a growing appetite for smarter enterprise learning offerings for both admins and learners

There is now a wider acceptance of learning technology and a renewed focus on the actual outcomes of learning as an effective way of driving organizational performance, and, therefore, revenue.

We’re entering a new generation of enterprise learning: one where L&D evolves from a commodity to a competitive advantage – an evolution that’s fueled by Artificial Intelligence (AI) to bring real, measurable smarts to your enterprise learning activities. 

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